Can we send the donkeys of Fort Worth a little more love? (Get all the “Tijuana matinee” jokes out of your system now, please). With the third donkey killed by an arrow in the city’s far north rural area in about 18 months, it’d be nice to whip up a decent outrage at the brutal killings of these sweet, smart animals. I knew a guy in Denton in the late ‘80s who owned a couple of donkeys, and they are loyal, loving creatures. But they don’t rate very high on the CCAS (Cute Cuddly Animal Scale) that typically determines the public’s reaction to animal abuse.

That’s a shame. Their deaths deserve at least as much outcry as the recent dog shootings by area police. Those prompted Arlington cops to institute training for officers on how to “read” canine behavior. The police have a lot on their plates, and I’m not sure if pausing to interpret whether a charging dog’s snarl is merely grumpy or actually threatening should be added to that pile. But outraged pet owners were mollified by the new training. Let’s hope the donkey killings receive similar priority. Donkeys need a better p.r. agent. They might not be as common pet-wise as dogs, but they deserve just as much compassion.



  1. Can you eat donkeys? What do they taste like? Maybe Tim Love is shooting them for his Ass-Burger at his new place. Heard you can get a syndrome from eating an Ass-Burger.

  2. Donkeys are wonderful, loving animals that form life-long bonds. They *are* cuddly and very, very intelligent. I have been training dogs my entire life and only recently started training donkeys – the donkeys learn much faster and retain what they’ve learned much more quickly.

  3. Around here, most cattle, goats, and other livestock happily share their pastures with donkeys, since the donks eagerly bring a 6-pack of whipass to any predators that happen by. My previous experience has been with mules, but my understanding is that the donkeys are just as intelligent and affectionate (much more so than horses), and have a sense of humor just like mules. I’ll find out soon, as my first donkey (a rescue) will be delivered here to the ranch next Monday.

    Why anyone would be sick enough to shoot ANY domesticated animal is beyond me. I could say that I pity anyone I caught taking shots at my donk (or any of my other 4-legged family members), but I’d be lying. I wouldn’t take pity… just good aim.

    • Excellent comments ! We agree entirely, right to the end. Well done !!
      Actually we would be pleased if donkeys tasted bad cos then no-one would be tempted to shoot them.
      Donkeys are highly intelligent and VERY sensitive. Everyhting the mule has that the horse hasn’t – he gets from the donkey .

  4. This is so terribly sad. Donkeys are wonderful, loyal, cuddly creatures. They are symbols of peace. My heart goes out to the people who lost these beautiful animals at the hands of these horrible people. Humans who don’t respect the life of an animal aren’t likely to respect the life of other humans either. I hope they catch whoever did this and punish them!!!

  5. This is a terrible tragedy. We can only hope that whoever committed this atrocity will be arrested soon. There are many who would probably love to take justice into their own hands in this case. This was a senseless murder of an innocent, loving and trusting creature.

  6. Back to my original question. What does donkey meat taste like should I have occasion to shoot one or buy the meat on the open market? I’ve eaten horse meat before, and it seems to taste best in a stew for me, to take a way a bit of that venison-ness. Horse burgers are Ok, but if you aren’t getting the ground meat from a fatty portion of the hind-quarters, it can be dry. So where do donkeys fit in? And as long as I am on the subject, I have eaten nutria and it is fine (a bit chewy, though), but how does it compare to urban rat meat that is quite available in my west Fort Worth neighborhood? For that matter, any thoughts on how nutria compares to beaver or otter or other rodent-like animals that live in aquatic environs?

    • Civilised people don’t eat horsemeat – or donkey. That’s why the UK has laws to stop our native ponies being exported. Donkeys are considered symbols of Christianity having carried both Mary and Jesus.

    • You are disturbed. And making fun of a tragedy where someone’s animals were illegally killed and the killer didn’t have the balls to step up and face the music just makes you look like a fool.

  7. Research has shown that sick people who shoot other people’s animals usually have a history of animal abuse from childhood and often go on to abuse people.

    Donkeys are very gentle and people – friendly and have been man’s willing helpers for longer than horses. They are intelligent and sensitive and only react negatively to insensitve, ignorant and intolerant people – whom they find frightening. Shouldn’t we find them frightening too?