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Hulkamania Coming to Dallas (Sort of)

Eric Griffey
Cowboys center/guard Phil Costa (25) is engaged to Brooke Hogan (25), the daughter of Hulk Hogan. DC Fanatic has pictures of their engagement. I will limit my commentary to three jokes: Maybe the Hulkster will teach Costa how t...


Wendy Davis Encore Is Postponed

Jeff Prince
Texas women’s bodies are safe for another week. Round 2 of a special legislative session, following on the heels of Sen. Wendy Davis’s much publicized filibuster on abortion restrictions last week, was about as clim...

Joe P

Palazzolo Attorney Files Motion For Leaked Audio

Eric Griffey
Today, the attorney for Joe Palazzolo filed a motion in the Wise County courts to compel the Fort Worth School District to produce the leaked audio of the board’s executive session on June 17.  The special meeting was ca...