Today, the attorney for Joe Palazzolo filed a motion in the Wise County courts to compel the Fort Worth School District to produce the leaked audio of the board’s executive session on June 17.  The special meeting was called to discuss the district’s settlement proposal in Palazzolo’s whistleblower case. If the school district refuses to supply Palazzolo’s attorney Jason Smith with the audio, then he could ask for a hearing on the matter. If the district willingly produces the audio or the judge compels them to fork it over as a result of a hearing , the tapes could be used as evidence in a new trial.

The leaked audio, first reported by Fort Worth Weekly, revealed that the board trustees intended to give Palazzolo a job as a warehouse manager, far away from students. The tape also revealed that Palazzolo had previously turned down a $500,000 settlement offer from the district.

“As reported by the Fort Worth Weekly, the audio recording included injurious statements about Plaintiff [Palazzolo] made by officials of FWISD,” the motion says. “As part of the Fort Worth Weekly article, the audio recoding was posted on YouTube. ”


Smith’s motion also points out that the release of the tape onto the district’s website was a violation of the Texas Open Meetings Act.

On the recording, attorneys for the district said that Smith agreed to a deal that would keep him away from children.

Smith strongly denied that assertion in a statement to the Weekly.

 “Neither Mr. Palozzolo nor his counsel ever agreed to any provision that required him to stay away from children,” he said.

School board trustee Ann Sutherland told the Weekly that significant portions of the leaked meeting were not included on the audio, but would not say what the board discussed during those gaps in the recording.

The district has since removed the audio from YouTube.

District officials have yet to make a statement about the leak, despite repeated attempts by the Weekly to get one.


  1. If they don’t we have a copy of it. They can hide it all they want. They know what they did was wrong and should end this charade. Justice will prevail. THey did take it down from youtube as a copyright issue. When the taxpayer pays their salary and then try tactics like that it’s shameful. Can’t wait to see their response.

  2. The questions are:
    1. Should governmental entities be allowed to meet in closed session?
    2. If a tape is accidentally released, should there be a criticism of the individuals discussing
    the options before them, as is allowed by law?
    3. Why would any governmental entity release a tape of their closed session?
    4. Why would they edit the tape and then release it?
    5. What board member would keep all of this quiet until their censure, then begin speaking
    about how “crooked” all of the board members are, except the censured one?
    6. If the censured member is right, can the entire board be recalled?
    7. Did the censured member just awaken and realize everybody is a crook after what 2, 3, or
    4 years? How long has this member been on this board?

    It should be strongly considered that there was a grave error on behalf of this governmental entity. What would you suggest they do? Would you think a public review of the error should be part of their next agenda?

    • 1. No, in a free society (gov’t by, of and for the people) they should not.
      2. Wake up. The release was no accident. It was edited before it was posted. Listen to the audio – it is obvious. T.A. Sims is an idiot who gives it away in the third “tape”.
      3. Easy. To try to salvage their shattered reputations. Again, listen to the audio. it is choreographed.
      4. I get it. You are one of them. Only an idiot asks a question like that. Why do any politicians lie?
      5. One who is asked to lie if called to testify and informs the others and their attorneys (including the new Board Member) that they will not lie for them – but will tell the truth. What a novel idea.
      6. Needham, Sims, Moss and Jackson (with Dansby and the attorneys the key players in this one act play) should be.
      7. Where have you been? Comatose? Read the stories for the past three years. You can read can’t you?
      There was no “mistake”. It was yet another bungled attempt to defame an innocent person and justify 1 million in legal fees over three years and another 300,00 to settle. Oh well that blew that too.

  3. Truth or Dare you are correct! Lots of interesting info coming out. I think it goes back to swimming with the sharks. I think we are going to see them all start turning on each other. Not much telling what will come out of this. Should be not only interesting but sad! Lots of secrets.

  4. This is a great example of our local government. This stings like a rotten egg. How can the Board is not reprimanded for their actions? Can TEA listen to this audio? This is mafia arrangement with lawyers.

    What is wrong with this superintendent? He knows an independent counselor that can do his job, and he is proposing to send this guy to a warehouse with a bogus contract.

    They need to resign, but corrupted people always think there is a window of opportunity to get away with murder.

    There are so many cartels on the boarder that would like to hire these board members to do their business for them. These board members have great ideas to execute their dirty business.

    The audio will be populated in many channels for your “disgusting” leisure.

  5. Interesting that the links to the audio were added to the telegram comments section along with other comments and they are no longer there. I am sure that they profess free speech, etc, etc. The mafia in this town runs deep and the telegram is just one component to hide it. It’s ok, we have the weekly.

    • Agreed, the FW Weekly by far is better at reporting the truth; whereas, the Startlegram censors…A LOT! I’ve had some of my comments removed after I see them posted, simply because it “appears” as though my comments are “thought provoking” and doesn’t shine positive light on the district. They have a special journalist assigned to FWISD, Jessamy Brown, who obviously thinks she is a REAL journalist! I know she may want to report some of the truth, but her editors, friends with FWISD, will not allow it. Thank you Weekly and Eric Griffey for taking the FWISD bull by the cajones!

  6. Finally this culture of corruption and vindictiveness is coming to light. This was divine intervention and the whole thing is bigger than Joe Palozzolo. In addition to Justice for Joe, I hope that this will serve to also validate and vindicate the many others who have had to deal with the same or worse from these vipers on the board and in fwisd the central office. I say get ’em for conspiring to eternally retaliate and prevent Joe from ever applying for other (better/administrative) positions in the district. Did the geniuses really think that Joe or his attorney would agree to continued sabotage of his career? FWISD your ignorance and arrogance is showing! Jason…Get ’em, get ’em, get ’em!

  7. I think that Jason needs to do more than “get’em get’em get’em”! Jason needs to get off his ass and start making some magic happen for Joe, b/c this façade has gone on far too long! There are more people than not that know what the hell has been going on here! The jig is up and it’s time to pay the piper! Somebody better do something quick!

    • I agree. Smith needs to decide who he is representing. Palazzolo or FWISD.
      FWISD’s trap has been exposed. DO something about it!