From the Land of the Lost

UNT Health Science Center helps families learn the fate of missing loved ones.
The sisters were hungry. They had been doing housework and were ready for a break. So they got in the car and drove to Godfather’s Pizza — one of their favorite restaurants in their hometown of Kansas City, Mo. They sat dow...

Vidhya Nagarajan

Back to Court

A failed settlement of Joe Palazzolo’s lawsuit may shine more light on school district problems.
Eric Griffey | Photos By Lee Chastain
A look of excited relief washed over Joe Palazzolo’s face as he stood in the hallway of the Wise County courthouse. His attorney had just informed him that Fort Worth school district lawyers had tentatively agreed to a settle...


No Place to Grow Up

What homelessness looks like in Fort Worth: a young kid, an abused mom.
As the school bus pulls up at its regular stop on East Lancaster Avenue, not just a handful but a whole crowd of elementary students pile in. When the bus pulls away,  it reveals a sign that had been hidden by the kids. It say...

Jeff Prince

Graffiti Artist

Fort Worth native Candy Clark is the Hollywood star next door.
The prospect of visiting her childhood home was making Candy Clark giddy. She sat in the passenger seat while her brother, William Clark, drove toward Chickasaw Avenue in the Polytechnic neighborhood. They’ve always been clos...

Cover by Jennifer Smith

Touching Lives

From a single phone line, Basheer Ahmed began building a major institution in North Texas’ Muslim community.
ANNABELLE MASSEY MALLOY photos by adrien P. Maroney
It started with a phone line in his garage. Or more accurately, with a phone call from a charity that led Dr. Basheer Ahmed to get the new line installed, along with an answering machine. “An organization called World Vision ...


Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards 2013

That Low-End Rumble
ANTHONY MARIANI, Photos by Vishal Malhotra
First, thank you for supporting local music. As you’ve probably learned by now, the best stuff doesn’t always come from someplace else. Like, say, Brooklyn or Portland. Or Boise. Sometimes your backyard is as fertile an art...

Evan Hughes

A Perilous Grid

Cars on public roads must be insured. Pipelines, with their history of leaks and explosions? Not so much.
They crisscross the country in a complex maze just below ground level, carrying flammable, dangerous, and highly polluting liquids and poisonous gases. They are capable of catastrophic failures that have killed people and devas...


Victims of the Registry

Juvenile sex offenders get virtual life sentences for sometimes minor acts.
When Allen and his girlfriend moved into their Austin-area house, a woman down the street passed out fliers warning neighbors that a monster had taken up residence. Their front door was egged, their cars broken into, and “peo...


Dog Days

Activists say too many animals get sick and die at Fort Worth’s shelter. The city says it’s doing the best it can.
By Peter Gorman | Photos by Lee Chastain
Fort Worth’s Chuck Silcox Animal Care and Control shelter is a drab white cinder-block building in an industrial part of southeast Fort Worth. You wouldn’t guess it by the scant traffic in the area, but over the course of a...


Shining a Light

An ex-city offical’s lawsuit shows how closed Mike Moncrief’s city hall was.
The Fort Worth City Council settled a lawsuit in April for $99,000 plus $1,125 in mediation costs. The decision served as a six-figure reminder of the not-so-distant reign of former Mayor Mike Moncrief, who ignored the city cha...