Mayfest: Maybe Not

Depending on whom you ask, the city of Fort Worth’s decision to cancel this year’s Mayfest just two hours before it was set to begin was either an over-reaction made in the wake of a misunderstood swine flu epidemic...

Dwelling Together

In a run-down part of Fort Worth’s Hospital District, a handful of men in torn pants and stained t-shirts hang out near the door of a convenience store. One man politely asks for spare change as patrons enter and exit and...

Byrds’-Eye View

Dan McGraw
If a picture is worth a thousand words, as the cliché goes, then Fort Worth photographer Byrd Williams IV probably has about 10 million fascinating words in his collection. The boxes and files of photos and negatives at his do...

Don’t Smoke It

Quick: What single plant can you use to build, insulate, and heat a house; help build and run cars; turn into the finest textiles; use to make tortillas, cheese, veggie burgers, perfumes, skin creams, and suntan lotions –...

Detours Home

A casual observer would never peg Debra Hurley as being homeless. Her hair is a mix of jet black and dyed blonde; she’s wearing clean black pants and a short-sleeved golf shirt. She carries a nice-looking purse.

Copping a Comfy Retirement

W.B. “Zim” Zimmerman didn’t have much money in his war chest when he ran for Fort Worth City Council last spring. And he might even be considered to be “charisma challenged.” But he did have one ke...

Cut from the Same Cloth

The last case Tarrant County District Attorney Tim Curry personally prosecuted was the infamous murder trial of Cullen Davis. The millionaire oilman was acquitted in 1977, in one of the most expensive and high-profile cases in ...

Rainbow Revolt

The anger on Carol West’s face looked like it had been building inside her for decades, and her voice thundered even without a microphone, easily reaching across the crowd of gays and straights that stretched across South...

Higher Math

Spend enough time at the Ol’ South Pancake House near Texas Christian University and you’ll get the full picture of what students are thinking about these days. Some are worried about finding a job once they graduat...

Did Fort Worth blow it?

Weekly Music Staff
Some people think so. They say the 817 scene now isn’t what it was as few as a couple of years ago, when Flickerstick, Black Tie Dynasty, Tame … Tame and Quiet, Calhoun, and Darth Vato were all still together –...