Vapor clouds emanating from gas-drilling sites, like this one in Arlington, seem to be causing health problems for people nearby. Tim Ruggeiro

Vapors Sicken Arlington

Complaints of illnesses from fracking fall on deaf ears.
Residents of several Arlington neighborhoods where Chesapeake Energy is drilling for natural gas claim the vapor clouds released by certain stages of the operations are making them sick — and they’re challenging the company...

Martinez: “We are still in the planning and design stage.” Jeff Prince

How Green?

A south Arlington well site might represent an environmental first for the gas drilling industry.
When Edge Resources recently announced that it had partnered with an international nonprofit group to create a sustainably developed gas drilling property in south Arlington, local environmentalists and drilling critics probabl...

Personal Foul

A local play’s promoters defend a video clip about alleged group sex that even the interviewee says was inaccurate.
You might not recognize Mike Shropshire’s image on the video clip — avuncular, face framed by thinning gray hair — but you may recall the name. Shropshire’s byline ran over sports columns and feature stories in the Fort...

Breathing Down Their Necks

Police say a Bedford smoke shop sold fake pot, but owners disagree.
Employees at The Dragons Breath smoke shop and tattoo studio in Bedford were already feeling heat from a city that isn’t keen on tattoo and piercing businesses in general. Code officers have cracked down on Dragons Breath, an...

Peace Talks in the Parking War

Paid parking may be the only solution to West 7th Street’s growing problem.
There’s no question the West 7th Street corridor is booming. The growth of the mixed-use entertainment-and-residential district has been a major factor in Fort Worth’s inner-city redevelopment over the past decade, since ci...

More Woes at Dunbar?

The mother of one student says the school district still hasn’t leveled with her.
The mother of one Dunbar athlete who was pinched on the nipples repeatedly by then-principal Doug Williams says that, although the incidents happened three months ago, no one with the Fort Worth school district has ever told he...

Mercy on Tap

A church that meets in a Fort Worth bar gets support from some unexpected quarters.
At first glance, the Sunday night event at Mambo’s Tapas Cantina in downtown Fort Worth didn’t seem to have much to do with a church service. People of varying ages filled the tables, where Shiner Bock bottles and cocktails...

La Familia Under Fire

Four former employees turn up the legal heat.
Last week, Fort Worth Weekly broke the news of a lawsuit filed against La Familia by three former employees who claim they were threatened, humiliated, and repeatedly denied their due wages (“La Familia Sued by Ex-Employees,...

As Long as the Grass Should Grow

Don Young took on city hall over the height of his front yard and won.
Fort Worth’s Code Compliance Department will present the city council with a new tall-grass policy in a few weeks and suggest some tweaks to the grass ordinance, which regulates things like plant placement and height. As resi...

Shocking Apparel

Electronic stun devices are being used more widely in court.
Peter Gorman
When the defendant was walked into the Johnson County Courthouse in 2009 to stand trial on multiple charges of sexual assault on a child, he moved stiffly. When he stood to walk to the witness stand, it looked like he might hav...