Jim Crow Redux

War on drugs or on minority communities?
Alan Bean couldn’t miss the headline splashed across the top of his hometown paper one summer morning in 1999. It spoke of big news for the 5,000-person burg in West Texas: a big drug bust that landed a sizable portion of the...

About 40 animal lovers and activists attended an April 28 rally against dog fighting. Brian Hutson

Bait for Cruelty

Activists ask for more investigation of dog fights.
The pit bull’s wounds were so ghastly that his rescuer was instantly moved to tears. His snout had been torn to ribbons, his bottom lip ripped off the bone, and his tongue lacerated in multiple places. The infection was so se...

Texas’ partners in the fight against the EPA think carbon dioxide in the air is “benign.”

Polluters’ Paradise?

Texas’ partners in the fight against the EPA think carbon dioxide in the air is “benign.”
Peter Gorman
Texas has filed so many suits against the federal government in the last few years that it’s hard to keep track of them. But one ongoing case has Texas teamed up with a global warming-denying fringe group that has its roots d...

A YouTube video captures the glorious biceps of Marshall Hobbs.

Pesky Facts

A lot of finger-waggin’ but few answers in District 8.
Jeff Prince
Residency questions continue to swirl around Marshall Hobbs, one of three candidates vying for the District 8 Fort Worth City Council seat in a special election on May 12. The winner will replace the popular Kathleen Hicks, who...

Tanwar: In the past, intoxicated customers at his family’s store “definitely was a problem.”

Half Full, Half Empty

A 2007 ordinance didn’t end alcohol problems around homeless shelters, but many believe it has helped.
Story and photo by JAIME ADAME
In the first year after the Fort Worth City Council banned public drinking near homeless shelters and treatment centers, police issued more than 500 citations under the new ordinance. Last year, citations had fallen to about ha...

Bose: “I thought, ‘The president knows me!’” Jeff Prince

Researching Motivation

A Fort Worth high schooler is well on her way to a science career.
Look no further than Shree Bose for proof that motivation and perseverance can open wondrous doors. The Fort Worth Country Day School senior spent her high school summers volunteering at a science lab and working on cancer rese...

Kessler: “I thought they were going to invade my house.”

Playing Nice?

An alleged tip sends the FBI out to question Denton drilling activists.
Photos and story by ANDREW MCLEMORE
North Texas environmental activists frequently feel as though local officials ignore their protests against gas drilling, but it turns out it’s easy enough to get the federal government’s attention — if the FBI thinks you...


Joe’s Ride

The Palazzolo case continues to cut a strange path.
Betty Brink
Joe Palazzolo’s friends might be forgiven for thinking that’s not his real first name. Surely it should be “Job.” Palazzolo, of course, is the former assistant principal who blew the whistle on malfeasance by top admini...

Tarrant Regional Water District crews redirected the flow in Marine Creek to allow for an extensive cleanup. Drago Reid

Cesspool No More

The water district cleans up Marine Creek, but city maintenance is still iffy.
For months, tattoo artist Drago Reid set up his easel each day to paint in Saunders Park next to Marine Creek in the Fort Worth Stockyards. But over time he grew frustrated that his artistic muse was cluttered trash and debris....

Vapor clouds emanating from gas-drilling sites, like this one in Arlington, seem to be causing health problems for people nearby. Tim Ruggeiro

Vapors Sicken Arlington

Complaints of illnesses from fracking fall on deaf ears.
Residents of several Arlington neighborhoods where Chesapeake Energy is drilling for natural gas claim the vapor clouds released by certain stages of the operations are making them sick — and they’re challenging the company...