Broken Connects-ion

School officials are ready to jettison a flawed software system.
Connects, the multimillion-dollar “student information system” software program sold to the Fort Worth school district in 2008, may be headed for the trash bin.

Stockyards Cesspool

Hidden from view beneath the historic district is a park with potential but a lot of problems.
About two years ago, tattoo artist Drago Reid heard a commotion in the parking lot behind his Knuckle Up parlor in the Stockyards. It was late at night, and a man was trying to break into a car. The owner of the furniture store...

An Ugly Business

A local man pushes back against the mug-shot muscle.
Mug shot magazines such as Mugly! and Busted! and their online equivalents have become popular in recent years. Some people just can’t resist visiting web sites or paying a buck at a local gas station for a thin tabloid full ...

Air Quality Study Result?

Peter Gorman
“What people don’t understand is that gas drilling in Fort Worth is not us versus them. We’re all in this together,” said an exasperated Esther McElfish. “Nobody is saying people shouldn’t drill, but they should do ...

Bloody Monday at JPS

Budget tightening costs 35 employees their jobs.
“Everybody knew belt-tightening was coming,” said a longtime employee at John Peter Smith hospital who was let go recently. But few people expected the bloodletting at Tarrant County’s public hospital system to total 35 w...

Drilling and Nukes: Bad Match?

Concerns about gas drilling near the Comanche Peak Nuclear Plant are prompting some observers to question state and federal agencies that insist the drilling is safe.

Paradise Drowned

Flooding is a problem for an Azle couple — but not as much as the legal system.
Peter Gorman
A dream turned into a nightmare very quickly for Annette and Michael Daniel — and it’s one they can’t wake up from. Everything they have worked for is slipping away, and there doesn’t seem to be anything they can do to ...

Speech: Hateful or Free?

A Fort Worth teacher says a student’s words were part of an anti-gay campaign.
“Lots of us are waiting for the day when all this homo bullshit is reversed and assholes like you are either back in the closet or hanging on lamp posts.”

Best Of 2011

Getting & Spending
Fort Worth Weekly Staff
Customer Service Readers’ choice: Feed Your Head, 3415 S Cooper St, Arl Critic’s choice: Carolyn Wilson, Texas Health and Human Services, 1540 New York Av, Arl The economy’s been growling for years. We’re not talking Ge...

Bringing School Bullies to Account

Judy Luttrell, associate director of the United Educators Association, said last week that she has been stunned at the extent of the workplace bullying reported to her group in recent years by Fort Worth school district employe...