Paradise Drowned

Flooding is a problem for an Azle couple — but not as much as the legal system.
Peter Gorman
A dream turned into a nightmare very quickly for Annette and Michael Daniel — and it’s one they can’t wake up from. Everything they have worked for is slipping away, and there doesn’t seem to be anything they can do to ...

Speech: Hateful or Free?

A Fort Worth teacher says a student’s words were part of an anti-gay campaign.
“Lots of us are waiting for the day when all this homo bullshit is reversed and assholes like you are either back in the closet or hanging on lamp posts.”

Best Of 2011

Getting & Spending
Fort Worth Weekly Staff
Customer Service Readers’ choice: Feed Your Head, 3415 S Cooper St, Arl Critic’s choice: Carolyn Wilson, Texas Health and Human Services, 1540 New York Av, Arl The economy’s been growling for years. We’re not talking Ge...

Bringing School Bullies to Account

Judy Luttrell, associate director of the United Educators Association, said last week that she has been stunned at the extent of the workplace bullying reported to her group in recent years by Fort Worth school district employe...

Path of Cheapest Resistance

An I-35 project may move closer to a neighborhood rather than moving gas wells.
Residents in the Oakhurst neighborhood feel like they’re living a scene out of Cool Hand Luke — “What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.” They say a disconnect between city officials, the Texas Department of ...

OK Corral Showdown

The huge Southside club is drawing major complaints.
The OK Corral is a big club — it draws more than 3,000 patrons on most weekend nights. Located in the La Gran Plaza shopping center on Fort Worth’s South Side, it caters to local Hispanics with Mexican-style country bands, ...

Help for Lyme Sufferers

A new law will educate Texas doctors about a painful tick-borne disease.
Phillip Williamson studies ticks, especially those that carry diseases. His research at the University of North Texas Health and Science Center has helped establish the existence in Texas of Lyme disease, a painful, debilitatin...

Be Gentle With Them

Silicone smoothes the way for a “romance shop” near the Cultural District.
Amid the trendy eateries, stylish shops, and upscale apartments of West 7th Street is a new business that at first looks like just another boutique. But the Velvet Box is also the place to go for what the proprietor says are so...

Wasting the Green

School landscaping project pours money (but not water) down the drain.
Forty days of 100-degree weather without rain can do a number on newly planted trees, particularly when their water source gets cut off.

Free Gas — for Drillers

A little-known rule allows drillers to take minerals without paying royalties.
Peter Gorman
A group of homeowners in the University West neighborhood are fighting mad over Chesapeake Energy’s use of an old Texas Railroad Commission rule to take the natural gas beneath their properties without paying them a penny.