Taser Gets Zapped

Another jury rules that the weapons are lethal and the makers are liable.
Peter Gorman
The Arizona company that makes Tasers, the allegedly “less-lethal” weapons that have killed hundreds of people around the world, has lost another lawsuit. This time a North Carolina jury found Taser International responsibl...


Whether this Eastside fight is a mountain or a mole hill depends on your perspective.
The 100-degree heat didn’t stop 30 neighbors from congregating in a cul-de-sac in East Fort Worth on a recent afternoon to grouse about a maddening nuisance in their midst.

School Politics:

Changing and staying the same.
“We are in a very important period of history, and our decisions will affect the very future of this city,” said Fort Worth school trustee Juan Rangel, an 11-year veteran of the district’s educational wars. “Change is c...

Booking Confusion

Libraries were barely saved from the chopping block, but now expansion is recommended.
Pedro Herrera is sitting at a table at the Fort Worth Library’s Northside branch on a Saturday afternoon with three little kids. They aren’t his; he is helping out a friend whose budget and work schedule make it tough to pa...

It Is Curious (Orange)

A Bedford therapist uses color to delve into his patients’ psyches.
At first glance, psychologist Dr. Steven Vazquez’ office in Bedford looks like an ordinary therapist’s room — quiet and dim, tasteful paintings and diplomas on the wall, and unremarkable furniture.

Two Strikes

Property owners have lost the early rounds in gas lease fights but plan to appeal.
Two North Texas homeowner groups, including one representing a broad swath of southwest Fort Worth, have struck out — thus far — in their attempts to hold gas companies to the terms of agreements on royalties and bonuses th...

Dansby on Board

Fort Worth’s new interim schools chief is changing things — but not too fast.
Perhaps it’s just new-boss euphoria, but Walter Dansby earned major points with teachers last week with one of his first decisions as interim superintendent of Fort Worth schools: He cancelled the day-long convocation the dis...

Fire Sale

Bills on Rick Perry’s desk would allow politicians to sell off control of Texas’ public assets.
Over the last decade, the debacle of the Trans-Texas Corridor made the phrase “private toll roads” dangerous territory for any Texas politician. The plan to create massive toll-road corridors across the state, with foreign ...

In Progress’ Wake

Fans of the latest kind of waterpark have two choices in the Fort Worth area.
Not long ago, wakeboarding meant hooking up a trailer, spending a small fortune gassing up a boat, hauling it to a lake, and then taking turns pulling riders around the busy, bumpy water.

Saving Money and Lungs

Simple fixes could keep tons of drilling pollution out of the air.
For the first time since the Barnett Shale started booming, state regulators are acknowledging the impact of gas drilling on the attempts to remove certain cancer-causing chemicals from North Texas’ smoggy skies — but a maj...