Fire Sale

Bills on Rick Perry’s desk would allow politicians to sell off control of Texas’ public assets.
Over the last decade, the debacle of the Trans-Texas Corridor made the phrase “private toll roads” dangerous territory for any Texas politician. The plan to create massive toll-road corridors across the state, with foreign ...

In Progress’ Wake

Fans of the latest kind of waterpark have two choices in the Fort Worth area.
Not long ago, wakeboarding meant hooking up a trailer, spending a small fortune gassing up a boat, hauling it to a lake, and then taking turns pulling riders around the busy, bumpy water.

Saving Money and Lungs

Simple fixes could keep tons of drilling pollution out of the air.
For the first time since the Barnett Shale started booming, state regulators are acknowledging the impact of gas drilling on the attempts to remove certain cancer-causing chemicals from North Texas’ smoggy skies — but a maj...

Shale Regulation: Drilled

Pennsylvania levies big fines, but in Texas the gas industry turns frac-fluid disclosure into thin soup.
Peter Gorman
It’s not a good sign, to those who were hoping the Texas Legislature might strengthen regulation of the gas drilling industry, when the only bill that seems to have a chance of passing is now being backed vigorously by the dr...

Caught with a Bass Bill

Geren drops a bill to help build a secretive new arena with tax dollars – after local hoteliers howl.
There has been talk of Fort Worth getting a new rodeo arena for decades now, to take over those duties from the beloved but outmoded Will Roger Coliseum that hosts the main events of the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo and othe...

Restating the Obvious

A court ruling confirms it: Drilling interests outweigh the public interest – legally – in Texas.
Peter Gorman
Those concerned about the dangers posed to Texas groundwaters by gas drilling waste got bad news a few weeks ago. The state’s highest civil court ruled that the Texas Railroad Commission doesn’t need to consider anything bu...

High-Tech, Low Approval

Many parents at a Keller school want less virtual learning, more real teaching.
It’s not your typical seventh-grade English class: Some kids sit at tables in a classroom, while others lie or sit nearby on an area of carpet, working on assignments on their netbook computers. At the school’s entrance, la...

Fake Pot, Real Penalties

State and federal agencies and legislators are closing in on “herbal” highs.
Stoners like to celebrate their “national pot day” annually on April 20 — based on the notion that police in California used 4-20 as a numeric code decades ago to indicate they were busting marijuana dealers and users.

Dry Holes

Attempts to improve gas drilling regulation are mostly going nowhere in Austin.
Peter Gorman
Gas drilling activists knew it would be an uphill fight this year to win any concessions from a conservative-dominated, business-oriented Texas Legislature, especially given the power of the gas industry lobby.

Chopping from the Top

Proposed school district budget cuts aim at lower-paid workers, skipping most administrators.
“Every time we are asked to make cuts, we start at the bottom, not the top,” said Fort Worth schools trustee Carlos Vasquez. “I have asked that we start at the top, but it never happens. … We are asked instead to cut te...