Halfway Scared

West Meadowbrook residents are worried about parolees as neighbors, but it’s not clear who’s moving into a renovated house.
When Brian and Lori Aitken went house-hunting about seven years ago, they settled on the circa-1925 house on Scott Avenue in the West Meadowbrook neighborhood for several reasons — they liked the proximity to downtown Fort Wo...

Too Imminent

Eminent domain reform is on the legislative fast track, but activists aren’t cheering.
The Legislature’s latest attempt at passing an eminent domain reform bill looks like it might actually make it to the finish line and end up on Gov. Rick Perry’s desk for his signature. For six years the topic has been exam...

Paved with Delays

Local business partners say city development rules keep raising the cost of a new building.
Back in the fall of 2009, Steve Bond and Adam Zimmermann were considering moving their business. The owners of Water Wizard Pools were renting a small office space on Montgomery Street near the Will Rogers Memorial Center, and ...

Behind ESPN in Sundance Square

ESPN coordinating director Mike Feinberg is sitting in his temporary office on the 31st floor of the D.R. Horton Tower in downtown Fort Worth, and he has a lot of work on his plate. He’s overseeing the sports network’s Supe...

Treading on Trouble

Older tires on a new car raised a local man’s ire — eventually.
A long career managing liquor stores led to a comfortable retirement for Henry Elkouri and his wife, Gertrude. They live in a lovely neighborhood in south Fort Worth, and they still travel and stay busy despite the typical heal...

Time Warp at Arlington School District

Alleged fraud by a security officer exposes loopholes in the Arlington school district’s time-keeping system.
In the past few years, the Arlington Independent School District has fired a number of security personnel for what amounts to petty theft: one for stealing small change from a teacher’s desk drawer, another for taking $25 fro...

Flourishes for the Flea

A new owner has big plans for the outdoor marketplace just north of downtown.
The name Pequeño Mexico (“Little Mexico”) might not ring a bell with most local folks. But if you say “the little Mexican flea market by the go-kart track on University Drive,” they’ll know just where you mean. For y...

A History of Delay

Problems at Heritage Park will cost more to fix than the city expected.
It’s been more than three years since Heritage Plaza in downtown Fort Worth was unceremoniously fenced off from the public due to safety concerns and lack of maintenance. The plaza, designed by renowned landscape architect La...

Museum-Quality Trees

Westsiders are worried about the crater that swallowed the greenery outside the Kimbell.
When the Kimbell Art Museum announced plans two years ago to build a new wing on the block-long stretch of grass and trees outside its west lawn entrance, officials promised to do their best to preserve the trees — both the b...

High-Level Worries

Environmentalists are still fighting a dump that could bring in much more nuclear waste than originally thought.
By the fall of 2011, if the courts or legislators don’t act to stop it, Texas could become the “nuclear waste dump for the country if not the world,” State Rep. Lon Burnam says. And he and a coalition of environmental gro...