New Heights of Controversy

A Fort Worth schools whistle-blower says retaliation against him is continuing-and he's fighting back.
“I reported illegal conduct to the district, and the district transferred me and cut my pay,” Joe Palazzolo said. “Now they are bringing baseless allegations against me simply because they are mad.”

Fusing Fear and Data

A North Texas law-enforcement data-gathering center has some folks worried.
Peter Gorman
In December 2008, State Rep. Lon Burnam had a one-car accident. The Fort Worth Democrat didn’t even get a ticket. Nonetheless, Burnam is convinced that the accident report was passed from local police to who knows what local,...

The Barnett Keeps Bubbling

The latest study of drilling-related air quality has only heightened the controversy.
Peter Gorman
The ink was barely dry on a recent industry-financed study showing healthy air around local gas industry sites when activists and independent scientists started poking holes in it.

Shell Game

A crime-district power grab was carefully planned.
Six months after the Fort Worth City Council took control of a $50 million tax-supported crime prevention fund, local watchdogs are still growling over the move, vowing to make sure the council doesn’t drain the fund to help ...

Old Rip’s vs. Neighbors

The TCU-area Tex-Mex joint and nearby neighbors are at odds over parking.
It’s lunchtime by Texas Christian University. Cars fill nearly every parking space outside Old Rip’s Tex-Mex off West Berry Street. But inside only a handful of tables are full. Owner Cy Barcus blames parking. Or, in his ca...

Ethics Alive

A city panel on ethical dealings shows signs of life.
Story and photos BY JEFF PRINCE
Questionable ethics at city hall have gone mostly unchallenged in recent years because residents weren’t sure how to combat them. Not anymore.

Tearing up the Track

Transit advocates are hot over attempts to reject federal streetcar money.
Three weeks ago, a city-hired engineering firm released its first study on modern streetcars, identifying six possible routes that Fort Worth should consider. These would connect downtown with the Cultural District, the Near So...

Rethinking Red-Light Cameras

Fort Worth isn’t the only place where the traffic devices face opposition.
Small pickups are dicey on wet streets. Their lightweight rear ends can lose traction on slick surfaces, particularly during sudden stops. So Daniel Byram had to make a split-second decision last fall when a traffic light turne...

Barrels of Questions

The city says a wall of foundry waste poses little problem for the Botanic Garden.
A 20-foot retaining wall of unsealed, rusting barrels of industrial waste looms over the western edge of the Fort Worth Botanic Garden, near the site of a planned children’s garden.

’Copters or Community?

The city might close community centers, but there’s money for a new heliport — mostly for corporate executives.
When the city of Fort Worth announced plans in May to build a public heliport near downtown, the reasons given were not surprising. The heliport complex just east of I-35W would help boost downtown business and open in time for...