Organizers of the former Metroplex Food Bank are back in the free-grocery business.
Frozen food and fresh vegetables are a welcome sight to Mattie Purvis, who lives on a small income. Her house is not far from the newly opened Community Food Bank, and she drove her battery-powered scooter along Galvez Avenue o...

Vindication, Retribution

Two reports on Arlington Heights High show just how deep the district’s problems run.
When Fort Worth school district officials last week released their investigative report on allegations of wrongdoing at Arlington Heights High School, the document confirmed almost every major allegation made about the Westside...

Pyrrhic Pollution Finding

TCEQ has ruled that a rich UTA gas well site is causing one woman serious health problems.
Medical records, a woman who refused to be silenced, and state laws have led regulators to take action against a gas well site near the University of Texas at Arlington.

The Harley Switch

Cultural District leaders say the city is fast on the draw and slow on details on a project that would benefit a Bass group.
The idea of realigning Harley Avenue near the Will Rogers Memorial Center to provide better access to a future new rodeo arena has been around for a while. But in the last few weeks, despite questions about whether it might cre...

Under Water, Under Siege

A local resident believes a gas pipeline is keeping floodwater from draining off her land.
Peter Gorman
While most of North Texas is well on its way to getting cleaned up after the floods caused by the remnants of Hurricane Hermine in early September, for Mary Kelleher the work hasn’t begun.

Which Ox to Gore

Neighborhood leaders question how city budget cuts are being decided.
The witching hour is approaching for Fort Worth’s city budget: By the end of the month, the city council must decide how to chop about $73 million in services and payroll. And a lot of neighborhood and civic leaders are worri...

Moving the Mud Elsewhere

Joshua’s ordinance against landfarming could have a ripple effect for the drilling industry.
In May, when a Joshua police officer spotted a truck entering a vacant lot, he decided to investigate. The muddy mess he discovered and the series of events that preceded and followed would prompt a new law in the city of Joshu...

New Heights of Controversy

A Fort Worth schools whistle-blower says retaliation against him is continuing-and he's fighting back.
“I reported illegal conduct to the district, and the district transferred me and cut my pay,” Joe Palazzolo said. “Now they are bringing baseless allegations against me simply because they are mad.”

Fusing Fear and Data

A North Texas law-enforcement data-gathering center has some folks worried.
Peter Gorman
In December 2008, State Rep. Lon Burnam had a one-car accident. The Fort Worth Democrat didn’t even get a ticket. Nonetheless, Burnam is convinced that the accident report was passed from local police to who knows what local,...

The Barnett Keeps Bubbling

The latest study of drilling-related air quality has only heightened the controversy.
Peter Gorman
The ink was barely dry on a recent industry-financed study showing healthy air around local gas industry sites when activists and independent scientists started poking holes in it.