Carswell Loses in Court

The prison hospital has been found negligent in an inmate’s 2004 death.
When inmate Linda D’Antuono Fenton died in 2004, eight days after she was moved from the Federal Medical Center-Carswell to a local hospital, her family was left with many unanswered questions. Now a federal judge has answere...

Sewage Plant for Mary’s Creek?

Westside residents say no to a proposed new wastewater treatment facility.
Although Fort Worth water officials are considering putting a new sewage treatment plant near homes on the West Side of Fort Worth, residents aren’t making any demands about buffering, environmental protections, or odor contr...

DISH Water

Testing goes on, but a North Texas family’s water source appears to have been fouled by gas drillers.
Clogged filters, low water pressure, and test results alternately confirming and disproving the presence of harmful chemicals in their private water well have led a DISH family to switch to bottled water for everything from bru...

Finish Line for the Pate

The transportation museum’s holdings go on the auction block this week.
story and photos BY STEVE WATKINS
It’s been part of the landscape on State Highway 377 for more than 40 years. Each time I drove past the Pate museum and saw the giant cargo plane looming in the distance, it brought up memories of climbing on the tanks as a c...

Growing Community

Public gardens and markets are taking root in Fort Worth.
The idea of turning a city’s unused green space into urban gardens has been slow in coming to Fort Worth compared to the rest of the country — inner-city gardens have been part of the New York City landscape since 1976, for...

Direction Home: Up

Fort Worth’s homeless program is working, but funding is still dicey.
Larry Andrews had been homeless for almost 15 years, most of that time spent down in the East Lancaster Avenue area, near the shelters and other agencies that provide services to folks in his situation. He had a cocaine problem...

Bruce Rogers’ treatment in jail: rushed or right?

Law enforcement officials aren’t losing sleep over Bruce Rogers’ handling.
It’s hard to feel much sympathy for Bruce Terrell Rogers. The young Crowley man tried to poison his parents in 2005, served five years in jail for that, got out in March 2009, and hasn’t done much with his life since then. ...

Fort Worth Misplaces its Streetcar Money.

Fort Worth is playing fast and loose with its transit future.
Two years ago, Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief, along with city council members and dozens of business leaders, traveled to the Pacific Northwest to look at modern streetcar systems in Tacoma, Portland, and Vancouver. They were ...

Phone Records Raise Questions About Tarleton Being Pressured to Cancel “Gay Jesus” Play

Rachel Dudley/Texan News Service
Since last month’s cancellation of a controversial play depicting a gay Christlike character, Tarleton State University has maintained that the production was stopped because of concerns for student safety and academic integr...

Between a Rock and a Hot Place

An ex-Fort Worth resident is on the run from immigration officials — and a Mexican cartel
Peter Gorman
Having U.S. immigration officials after you is a bad thing. Running from Mexican drug cartels is much worse. But as a former Fort Worth resident is finding out, being in the cross-hairs of both organizations at once can be a ma...