Art for the Soul

Peter Gorman
It’s a scant half-dozen steps from the sidewalk to the front porch of the yellow brick Arts and Crafts-style house on Park Place Avenue in south Fort Worth. A little garden filled with brilliant bursts of purple, red, ora...

Self-Fulfilling Bureaucracy

Over the past several months, Fort Worth city staffers and council members have agonized over what jobs and programs would have to be cut to balance the municipal budget. But in at least one area, the city staff recommended exp...

‘Tween a Rock and a Parking Lot

Residents on Roosevelt Street felt like they’d been blindsided by a burly linebacker after Arlington city officials announced in August that they would begin charging $25 a car for parking on city-owned lots during Dallas...

A Break in the Wall

The Federal Bureau of Prisons seldom loses when a prisoner’s family tries to take it to court to right some wrong. Two weeks ago it did.

The Big Takeover

It’s been a tough spring and summer for the gas drilling industry’s public image.

Unlocking History

Heritage Park in downtown Fort Worth may be coming back to life, two years after it was closed to the public. And the rebirth is a product of the joining of forces of historic preservationists and downtown business leaders, two...

Pounds and Premiums

Andrew McLemore
As the estimated cost of the Trinity River Vision project climbs toward $1 billion, an unexpected benefit could soon emerge: lower car insurance premiums.

In Park?

The 2,000-acre patch of tall-grass prairie near Lake Benbrook that Jarid Manos took on as a cause four years ago still hasn’t been bought by environmental groups, turned into a park, or otherwise saved from development. B...

Bees in Their Bottom Line

Carefully placing his homemade bottle of mead on the table, Tim Hall whips out two glasses embellished with honeybees. As he proudly pours his drink, his words come out in a rush. The dozens of bee hives in Hall’s backyar...

Waiting for Answers

Three months after their son died, Michael Jacobs Jr.’s parents still have obtained no ruling on his cause of death. That means they can’t get a payout from his modest insurance policy to help reimburse the individu...