Bruce Rogers’ treatment in jail: rushed or right?

Law enforcement officials aren’t losing sleep over Bruce Rogers’ handling.
It’s hard to feel much sympathy for Bruce Terrell Rogers. The young Crowley man tried to poison his parents in 2005, served five years in jail for that, got out in March 2009, and hasn’t done much with his life since then. ...

Fort Worth Misplaces its Streetcar Money.

Fort Worth is playing fast and loose with its transit future.
Two years ago, Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief, along with city council members and dozens of business leaders, traveled to the Pacific Northwest to look at modern streetcar systems in Tacoma, Portland, and Vancouver. They were ...

Phone Records Raise Questions About Tarleton Being Pressured to Cancel “Gay Jesus” Play

Rachel Dudley/Texan News Service
Since last month’s cancellation of a controversial play depicting a gay Christlike character, Tarleton State University has maintained that the production was stopped because of concerns for student safety and academic integr...

Between a Rock and a Hot Place

An ex-Fort Worth resident is on the run from immigration officials — and a Mexican cartel
Peter Gorman
Having U.S. immigration officials after you is a bad thing. Running from Mexican drug cartels is much worse. But as a former Fort Worth resident is finding out, being in the cross-hairs of both organizations at once can be a ma...

New Melee for Mitchell

Buying ads to criticize Rick Perry cost a local man more than he bargained for.
Freedom of speech isn’t always free, or so deemed the Texas Ethics Commission after Billy Mitchell ran large ads in several newspapers, including Fort Worth Weekly. The ads blasted the abuse of eminent domain laws and slammed...

The Price of Payday

Hicks is taking her fight on pawnshop restrictions to the neighborhoods.
Having garnered not a single vote on the Fort Worth City Council for her position, District 8 council member Kathleen Hicks is taking her fight against pawn shops and payday lenders to the zoning commission and looking for gras...

Courthouse Gusher

The latest Barnett Shale boom is in lawsuits over broken deals.
In August 2008, the Southwest Fort Worth Alliance, a collection of homeowners associations representing about 25,000 property owners, approved a natural gas leasing deal with Vantage Energy that provided for bonuses of $27,500 ...

Housing the Homeless

A frustrated builder thinks inside the box.
Peter Gorman
Homelessness is a big problem in Fort Worth, said Mike Wallace, a retired homebuilder who grew up here and still lives here. “And I think I have a solution.”

No-Fault Call

A new TABC policy is aimed at convincing drunk teens to get help when lives are at stake.
The scene has been the premise for dozens of movies and thousands of funny stories: Mom and Dad go out of town, and the teenagers decide to party. In the case of Rachel and Graham Nielson, however, it could have ended with Grah...

Breathers Beware

An Arlington gas well is a cash cow for UTA but a nightmare for neighbors.
In the summer of 2008, Sandra DenBraber was terrified that if she went to sleep, she might never wake up.