Housing the Homeless

A frustrated builder thinks inside the box.
Peter Gorman
Homelessness is a big problem in Fort Worth, said Mike Wallace, a retired homebuilder who grew up here and still lives here. “And I think I have a solution.”

No-Fault Call

A new TABC policy is aimed at convincing drunk teens to get help when lives are at stake.
The scene has been the premise for dozens of movies and thousands of funny stories: Mom and Dad go out of town, and the teenagers decide to party. In the case of Rachel and Graham Nielson, however, it could have ended with Grah...

Breathers Beware

An Arlington gas well is a cash cow for UTA but a nightmare for neighbors.
In the summer of 2008, Sandra DenBraber was terrified that if she went to sleep, she might never wake up.

Fort Worth Misses the Streetcar

Though Fort Worth and Dallas filed a joint application for federal funds, only Dallas got the nod.
When federal officials announced the recipients of a new grant program for transportation projects last month, a lot of consternation raged in this part of North Texas. Although Fort Worth and Dallas had submitted a joint appli...

Linwood Fights Redevelopment

Developers want to cash in on the modest near-Westside neighborhood.
What was supposed to be a feel-good meeting between an urban developer and a few friendly residents in the Linwood neighborhood was instead turning into Custer’s last stand.

Not in Vain

Anger over a Taser-related homicide has sparked creation of a historic coalition.
The parents of Michael Jacobs Jr., killed last April by a Fort Worth police officer wielding a Taser, have never been satisfied with the police department’s handling of their son’s case. But now, they believe, somet...

Green House

A small home at Eagle Mountain Lake could have a big impact on construction practices.
On a bluff above Eagle Mountain Lake sits a rustic-looking house in the final stages of construction. The frame “casita” (Spanish for small house) looks like a simple Old- West cabin. In fact it’s an ambitious...

A Cup of Union

Local baristas say the fight for better conditions is uphill but necessary.
In late December, a small group of Starbucks employees blocked the drive-through window at the company’s coffee shop at Rosedale Street and 8th Avenue for about 20 minutes, in protest of the rising cost of their healthcar...

The Quality of the Test

Question: When does air quality testing not clear the air?

Payroll Hell

Frances Saperstein is 81 and suffers from Parkinson’s disease She taught in the Fort Worth school district for a decade before her illness forced her to quit at the end of the 2008 school year. But a stress-free retiremen...