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We Saw Krys Boyd First

Jeff Prince
Tumblr.com placed local NPR talk radio host Krys Boyd on its list of “Hotties on the Radio,” prompting the D Magazine news blog, FrontBurner, to post the following headline: “Krys Boyd Is Officially A Babe....

Over the River and Through the Square

Chow, Baby
Granbury has changed a little since Chow, Baby’s last cruise down Highway 377: more ugly billboards, a few extra Kountry Krap stores on the square, and, bummer, Chop N Block – our raison d’roadtrip – is ...

Along Came a Spider

Humble and sometimes radiant, Charlotte’s Web is better with your eyes closed.
Kristian Lin
The new big-screen version of Charlotte’s Web moves me to a sentiment that may be a first for me: This movie should have been an audiobook. E.B. White’s classic children’s novel was turned into a film once before, a rathe...