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Briskets and Comas

Awoke this morning to read Barry Shlachter’s story in the Star-Telegram that brisket prices had soared recently to a record high. Nice picture of my friend Danny Longoria holding up a big slab by his smoker in Everman. Bu...

Shlachter vs. McKee Part II

The already strange spat between Star-T business writer Barry Shlachter and local blogger Robert McKee (downtownfortworth.com) just took a turn for the truly bizarre. McKee, determined to get a printed apology out of Shlacter f...

Barry Barry Quite Contrary

Star-Telegram business writer and chili cookbook author Barry Shlachter and local blogger Robert McKee are engaged in a bizarre battle of words involving a scavenger hunt, a trip to Scotland, a Hawaiian shirt and the meaning of...