The already strange spat between Star-T business writer Barry Shlachter and local blogger Robert McKee ( just took a turn for the truly bizarre. McKee, determined to get a printed apology out of Shlacter for a story he penned about a contest on McKee’s site, has started a website all about he and Shlacter’s special relationship. McKee writes:


“Well, an apology has not come (save for the two hilarious half-ass attempts to humor me by publishing the winner’s name in his column yesterday but ignoring the 900 pound gorilla) and therefore Wave II of Operation: Pepperspray has been launched. Observe: that’s right! Knowing he’s probably not savvy enough to have thought to secure it, I bought the domain of the mother-fucker’s name. And now, while he can print his stupid editorializing of peoples’ burial services, sit back with his tenure, and dismiss the whiny ‘letters-to-the-editor’ assuming people will just ‘move on,’ forever emblazoned on the internet, his name will be associated with his epic journalistic fail. At least until he apologizes in his column. Fucked with the wrong guy.”


  1. i just choked on my sandwich thats the funniest goddamn thing i have ever seen. how can you not pull for mckee on this one especially after that? win.

  2. Damn, there goes the perfect domain to hawk those awful $5 chili books. Oh well, I guess there’s always the unemployment checks.

  3. Give me a break. Mr. McKee is an attention hog who apparently spends all his time waiting around downtown on the off chance that he’ll appear in the background behind reporters trying to do live newscasts. Sure wish I had that kind of free time. He’s blowing this out of proportion so he can get even more attention.

    OMGz!!!!!1! A reporter made a sarcastic comment about your Hawaiian shirt! CALL MATT DRUDGE!

  4. Oh, Marcus, you’re talking about the “News Haxxes.” Those are great. But, uhh, did the guy’s father’s burial service still deserve to be mocked in the paper despite his little hobby? Nice try. Apologize, Barry.

  5. I’ve been waiting for someone to bring up the haxxes. My favorite one is how his koala pillow saved his life during the tornado lol.

  6. So Marcus is saying that McKee killed his own father so he could get on the news for the hiiii-larious burial service? Ha, what?

  7. Mawwwcus! Ah, one dissenting voice, finally.

    Glad you’re a fan of my work :[] … but, you see, I didn’t initiate this one, some mouth-breathing sore-loser to an online contest did. And then a reporter thought he’d apply a little humor about my father’s burial service. Ha, ha, Marcus, that’s some great “attention hog” shit, right? No, what’s really going on here is me applying my means to obtain justice for this jackass’s writing fail. If they had apologized for this originally, this would have went away a long time ago.

    ..and for the future, you can say attention ‘whore’.. it’s all good. <3

  8. Marcus – you obviously haven’t read the whole story…it isn’t about the Hawaiian shirt, it’s about mocking someone during a time of grief. Barry needs some limits imposed on his lame attempts at a story. If anything, his article should have berated the man who was calling him to complain about the results of the scavenger hunt not being posted even after Mr. McKee let him know why they were delayed.

  9. Wow, Mr. M – you sure have some fan club here! Lucky you!

    Burning question, though – do you pay them when they give you a blow job, or do they just consider that an honor and a privilege?

  10. MAwwwcus! why can’t both conditions exist? Such as “I paid $250 to go see Ray Charles in concert — and it was an honor and privilege to be there!”

    Ok, so I answered yours, now you tell me.. Does Barry’s sack get in the way when you get into position? And does it resemble two rotted prunes? What’s that like? Do you guys cuddle during the Andy Rooney segment?

    I mean.. we’re all being open here, let’s put it all on the table..

  11. Lobster cut me some slack, I just cannot compete with post #11 let alone follow it up. OK yes I can, but I’m going to need some time.

  12. OH SNAP! You just took what I said, and – get this – turned it around and said the same thing to me! I see why everyone thinks you’re so funny, not the least of all yourself. Keep up the good work!

  13. AWww.. Mawwcus, why did you bring up heelarious BJ references to begin with if you aren’t willing to do the dance? Ah I understand, you ran out of jokez! You had just that one only? Don’t you know the protocol when trying to be sophomoric on a blog comment section is to come equipped with no less then three (3) sexual innuendos JUST INCASE THE OTHER PARTY HAPPENS TO BE PREPARED?
    C’mon, man, it’s 2009, where you been?

  14. Dear Marcus,

    Robert’s father was a vet. Robert had a chance to bury this man at his family’s ancestral grave in Scotland. Why on earth would you pick on a man who was honoring one of our vets and wants an apology for being mocked while doing so. Do you hate America?

  15. Who said I was trying to be “heeelarious”?

    Consider it a public service. I just thought the fawning idiots here might like to know how desperate they look when they’re down there servicing your sphincter.

    You’re welcome.

  16. Give me a break. Marcus is an catfish-blop™ who apparently spends all his time waiting around the mall 2 c what the keWL peeps are shopping 4 n hot sUmmer fashions so he can buy them and pop-blaSts @ teh warp tour.

  17. Marcus sounds jealous b/c he doesn’t have any friends. Maybe it’s because he’s so grumpy all the time living in a country he hates.

  18. “Robert’s father was a vet.”

    Yeah, so what? Do children of servicemen get automatic exemption from being complete nutjobs?

    Go back and read his letters to the editor. He sounds unhinged. What’s worse, he’s delusional enough to think his story is interesting enough that it’s going to be picked up by the Drudge Report.

    I agree, though, that Shlachter should apologize, if only to avoid being stalked by a crazy guy.

  19. “Give me a break. Marcus is an catfish-blop™ who apparently spends all his time waiting around the mall 2 c what the keWL peeps are shopping 4 n hot sUmmer fashions so he can buy them and pop-blaSts @ teh warp tour.”

    Haha! That’s the first funny thing posted on this thread! Probably not in the way you meant it, though. Good try!

  20. Sweetest Marcus –
    Shlachter gave voice to blowhard of a sore loser and turned a non-event into news. Then, just to add insult to injury, snidely mocked how someone chose to memorialize their deceased loved one. It’s unacceptable behavior on all levels and there needs to be an apology in print, just as the offense was.

    And I prefer snowballing over sphincter servicing…thankyouverymuch!

  21. I read them all, clearly you have not, or are retarded, and, really, Marcus, spending the last 2 hours online refreshing this thread so you can flame people who think it’s wrong to mock a vet’s funeral? Someone must be awfully bored and lonely on a Friday night…I’ll tell you what I’ll be your friend if you stop being such a douchebag.

  22. Marcus, sugarz, McKee’s right, Drudge loves shit like this. Drudge has been really heavy on anything that has to do with the state of the newspaper industry, and a story like this ain’t a stranger to Drudgereport.

    But fuck Marcus The Star-Telegram Apologist, we’re getting sidetracked from talking about our boy Barry! So here’s my poem:

    There was an old man named Barry;
    In print he’s a grudge to carry;
    He made the mistake,
    of roasting a wake,
    To the unemployment line he shall tarry!

    Ok I think I’m back in form.

  23. Wooooooowwww, Mawwcus said something very interesting.. He knew what was in my very special email to the editors & co (a handful of corporates at McClatchy) which could mean only one of two things…. either he’s a “friend” of mine on FB (which would be kinda weird, aye?), or he works at FWST and is on the inside. If it’s the latter, that is just awesome that he would come onto the FWST’s arch enemy publication’s website and throw down not-very-clever dick jokes.. if it’s the former, well, i feel a little icky for having friending you. Either way, though, the hilarity seems to just continue!

  24. For a second there, I thought there might be another person actually taking the side of ole BS. But no, the ever mature FWST has people flaming the weekly’s blog. I enjoyed reading my weekly today, by the way. (: It just doesn’t make sense, are you too proud to just apologize? It shouldn’t be too hard. Tsk tsk.

  25. Barry thinks he’s funny in his editorial,
    He likes to hit up a war vet’s memorial!
    Fashion police need to raid those pews,
    Let’s make fun of that lady’s shoes!

    Going to a grave to sprinkle some ashes?
    Don’t tell Barry, in the paper he bashes
    No respect for the dead or their living,
    There’s an apology needed that he’s not giving.


  26. I side with Lobster. And this is why the Star Telegram should ultimately fail as a newspaper. It’s a horrible publication. Heck, even their website is pathetic. The fact that some schmuck named Barry is attacking a blogger because of a contest result not being updated online speaks volumes about the Company.

  27. It’s amusing that McKee makes fun of Barry’s admitted Internet cluelessness, when he himself builds the mock site using nearly all image based text (i.e. unreadable by search engines). A web no-no.

  28. “Nick” must have gone to ITT tech to learn Web Design Circa 1995! The Barry site not only looks very professional for a site whose only point is to break the balls of a stupid hack reporter, but ranks #2 when you Google “Barry Shlachter.” Pretty high for a site “unreadable by search engines”, huh?

    So much for your “no-no”, you know-know nothing, ha!