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Frenchy II: Revenge of the Brie

Chow, Baby
INTERIOR FANCY-FRENCHY BISTRO — DAY  — TABLE BY THE WINDOW CHOW, BABY and THE BELOVED are brunching at SAPRISTI (2418 Forest Park Blvd.), a cozy bistro with soothingly warm yellow walls, stained-glass lampshades, antiq...

As the Steam Table Turns

Chow, Baby
During Arts Goggle last Saturday night, Chow, Baby and the beloved … wait, you ask, don’t you mean the ex-beloved? (We pretend for the sake of Chow, Baby’s ego that you care about its semi-private life.) Nope; as it turns...

The Fire Is So Delightful

Chow, Baby
Jeez, everybody gets so freaked out about the “wind chill factor.” That’s all Chow, Baby heard last week: “Ooh, it’s only 14 degrees outside – with the wind chill factor.” “ItR...

Off to the Races

Chow, Baby
Chow, Baby isn’t sure which is more surprising: that there’s such a thing as a horse masseuse, or that Chow, Baby has lived in Fort Worth for all these years and is only now finding out that there’s such a thi...