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Cops Harsh TCU’s Mellow While Booze Flows

Jeff Prince
TCU360, the online publication Texas Christian University, published an interesting story in today’s edition, seeing as how it comes in the midst of a highly overblown drug bust. “Study Says Alcohol No. 1 Substance ...

Willie Nelson Pot Bust A Joke

Jeff Prince
Theoretically, police could bust Willie Nelson every day. Any cop who sees the Honeysuckle Rose tour bus rolling down the highway can pretty well figure that Willie’s inside with a personal stash of pot onboard. But, c...

Dez “Bust” Bryant Quiets Detractors

Jeff Prince
The best surprise so far in this Dallas Cowboys season is the performance of rookie WR Dez Bryant. He’s played regularly and averaged better than 11 yards a catch with 14 completions in three games. Best of all, his fight...