Theoretically, police could bust Willie Nelson every day. Any cop who sees the Honeysuckle Rose tour bus rolling down the highway can pretty well figure that Willie’s inside with a personal stash of pot onboard.

But, c’mon, he’s Willie Nelson. He’s almost 80. He’s been smoking pot most of his life. He’s a sharp-minded benevolent crusader who does a lot of good for a lot of folks and animals.

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Does he need to be in jail for catching a buzz on his bus?

Hell no.


Looks like Hudspeth County Attorney Kit Bramblett, 78, feels the same way. He told Raw Story that he loves Nelson’s music, thinks marijuana should be decriminalized (he said he’s never smoked it), and sagely notes that “people on that dang weed aren’t as senseless as on whiskey.”

Earlier today, news media reported that Bramblett claimed the county judge wanted Nelson to appear in court and sing to resolve his pot charges. Nelson was arrested Nov. 26  in Texas after police checked his bus during a routine stop.

Bramblett appears to be as much of a character as Nelson.

Then news media reported that the judge claimed Bramblett had been joking, and Nelson would be able to plead and settle his charges by mail without singing “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain” in court.

Here’s a killer version of that song (written by Fred Rose) featuring Edie Brickell, who grew up just down the road in Oak Cliff:


  1. Supporters of decriminalization may be interested to know that the Tarrant County chapter of NORML will have a booth at the 6th annual Prairie Fest on April 23. FW Weekly is happens to be a sponsor of the fest for the past 5 years. Check it out:


  2. No citizens should get special favors under the law. If it is stupid to arrest Willie Nelson then it is stupid to arrest anybody for a personal amount of marijuana.

  3. In the United States alone, an approximated 79,000 people die from excessive alcohol use each year (not counting an additional 16-17,000 deaths from alcohol-related car “accidents”); — as opposed to ZERO deaths worldwide connected with marijuana. Any questions?

  4. Willie’s Contraband (No Jane No Pain) Blues
    by Lefty Farkleberry

    Willie was a-rollin’ ’long out from El Paso
    down some dusty country track.
    Honeysuckle, she was tuned and hummin’,
    he had some ditch weed in his sack.

    The Border Guards, a-swoopin’ hard they came
    with dogs and laws in hand,
    Politely asked, what on earth’s that smell,
    Could they search for contraband?

    Next time he visits Hudspeth County,
    There’ll be no giggle-grass.
    Stayin’: neat ’n’ tidy ’long the course,
    Straight-arrow, he’ll drive past.

    That’s how Nelson came upon this gentle township,
    To plea his case before the Judge.
    She’d said: Here, there ain’t no ‘j’ in Justice,
    No ‘Texas tea,’ or doin’ ‘doobage.’

    Turns out the Prosecutin’ man was fair enough
    enforcing Texas rule—
    seems C.R. had an ear for music,
    Liked his strummin’ country school.

    Again, Willie’d see the open road—
    ashamed—yes, lighter monetarily,
    Just one hundred bucks and one quick verse—
    such Texas hospitality.

    ……Hoped, Hudspeth would enjoy,
    “Blue Eyes…in the Rain”—
    “Trigger” thought that was inspired—and
    they’d accept his check writ on a Zig-Zag,
    Wheat-straw papers yet un-fired.

    Next time Willie visits Hudspeth,
    He won’t be holdin’ any, jane—
    ‘cause the County’s strict con-sider-ation
    Won’t be so ea-sil-y detained……

    Willie, know what they say?—no jane no pain.

    from: Vol. II
    Wrasslin’ Bear Cubs……
    copyright 2011
    Canyon Wren Press