The best surprise so far in this Dallas Cowboys season is the performance of rookie WR Dez Bryant.


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He’s played regularly and averaged better than 11 yards a catch with 14 completions in three games.

Best of all, his fighting for extra yardage during last week’s game against Houston on a critical third down play ignited the offense and did a lot toward turning that game around.


But I seem to remember…back in April…seems like only yesterday…(cue the dreamy music here to signify going back in time)…: predicted Bryant to be a bust.

So did Bleacher Report.

So did many others.

People questioned Bryant’s talent, attitude, background, character, etc.

Hmmm, I even remember Blotch weighing in on Bryant back then. What did we have to say. I wonder… .

Oh yeah: “Jerry Jones Scores With Dez Bryant