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Super Bowl Songstress Reclaims Dignity – Oops!

Jeff Prince
The pressure was on Christina Aguilera during the opening number of last night’s Grammy program. Aguilera took a pounding the previous Sunday after 111 million viewers of the  Super Bowl in Arlington watched her forget l...

Super Bowl’s Musical Ouch

Jeff Prince
During the Civil War, the Northern troops burned crops on Southern plantations but didn’t bother with the fields of black-eyed peas. Northerners considered the peas as cattle food — inedible to humans. Black-eyed p...

Will Super Bowl National Anthem Be Yodeled?

Jeff Prince
Associate editor Anthony Mariani declared the Black Eyed Peas as overcooked and inedible for tomorrow’s Super Bowl halftime stage. I’m not particularly a fan of the Peas but I’ve seen them perform on various ...

Musical Haves, Have-Nots Reflect Society

Jeff Prince
The separation of rich and poor keeps growing wider in the United States. Economically, the “haves” are getting richer and smaller in number, while the “have-nots” are growing poorer and larger in number...