Associate editor Anthony Mariani declared the Black Eyed Peas as overcooked and inedible for tomorrow’s Super Bowl halftime stage.

I’m not particularly a fan of the Peas but I’ve seen them perform on various TV shows over the years and always found them entertaining. They’ll do a decent job I imagine. Maybe Fergie will do one of those cool cartwheels that she does somehow while singing and wearing skintight leather pants.

I’m wondering how Christina Aguilera will handle the National Anthem. Ever since Whitney Houston transformed a word such as “hail” into a 47-syllable vocal calisthenic, I usually cringe when I hear women singers take on the anthem. I don’t mind a little scat or two here or there, or even a sweet and sexy version like Jewel once caught flak over, but, c’mon, most renditions these days border on parody. Men singers tend to resist the urge to become self-absorbed during the anthem. It’s mainly a female thing.


Aguilera’s voice is incredible but she’s been guilty of over-singing in the past. Let’s hope the diminutive chanteuse resists the enticement to assault the exalted anthem with a noncompulsory plethora of vowels, dipthongs, and syllabic consonants (see, it doesn’t work when writers do it either).

Otherwise let’s just get this new artist to sing the anthem:


  1. Whitney Houston did not over sing the anthem as so many singers before and after her have chosen to do, her version is widely regarded as one of the best of the anthem. While she did turn a lot of words into extra long phrases, The Star Spangled Banner was not one of them.

  2. My worst fears were surpassed — Christina’s version was worse than I imagined it might be.
    On a positive note, the woman from Glee did a nice job on “America the Beautiful.”

  3. Yes, Christina forgot the words (even the players recognized her blunder) and her version made me want to cry. Not however, because it was touching but because it was shameful.