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Obama Misses Point

Jeff Prince
The stock market is in a freefall, losing 5 percent of its value today. Meanwhile, President Obama has been blaming the messenger ever since Standard & Poor’s knocked down the United States’ credit rating a notc...

Weapons of Mass Exploitation

Ravi Batra
Prior to the U.S. invasion of Iraq in March 2003, there was frenzied talk about WMDs — weapons of mass destruction. When it was later determined that Saddam Hussein possessed neither chemical nor nuclear weapons, the White Ho...

Texas Budget Plan: Grab The Machete

Jeff Prince
Illinois is considering increasing its income tax by 66 percent in a desperate attempt to fix its budget. The move is expected to raise about $7 billion annually. Texans would storm the state capitol if anything like that happe...


This is scarier than vampires.
E.R. Bills
The 112th session of the United States Congress doesn’t convene until January, but the GOP is already flexing its ignorance.