The stock market is in a freefall, losing 5 percent of its value today.

Meanwhile, President Obama has been blaming the messenger ever since Standard & Poor’s knocked down the United States’ credit rating a notch, setting up today’s stock market woes.


Our country’s rising deficit will cause unfathomable financial problems in the future. Partisan politics in Washington will make it difficult to prevent those problems.

So instead of thanking S&P for stating the obvious and using this well deserved global embarrassment as a motivation to get our finances in order, Obama calls out the S&P, disputes, points out errors, ries to make them the bad guy. After all, a midterm election is coming up and the rule in Washington is to win reelection rather than taking necessary actions regardless of the political fallout.

Now I’m stepping off my soap box. Carry on.


  1. Wow, I am impressed. A “road to Damascus” moment from a progressive. The point is that the current Whitehouse occupant is the wrong guy at the wrong time. Entitlement spending is what is making the public quesy,because the other economic sectors have prospered since the sixties by the capital not tied up in consumer health care expenditures( being used by the typical consumer on housing, goods and services etc. ) The promise of “free” healthcare to a growing segment of the population is UNSUSTAINABLE. The political class is dodging this issue.