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Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler enjoy a moment to themselves at a South African resort in Blended.

Blended and Extended

Adam Sandler’s latest comedy actually doesn’t suck.
Something about Drew Barrymore seems to smooth out Adam Sandler’s abrasive edges and bring out his sweetness without making him cloying. After The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates, the two actors have teamed up once again, a...

“Whip It” Good

Jimmy Fowler
Just finished watching the new-on-DVD-and-download flick ”Whip It” – Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut – and I loved it. This one has loads of hip-checking charisma delivered by an ensemble of female performers with ...

The Best Filmmaking Debuts of 2009

Kristian Lin
Part of the fun of this job is scoping out new talent, so here’s my favorite films of 2009 directed by first-time feature filmmakers. I decided not to include documentaries in this list. Oh, and No. 6 on the list is out on DV...