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Jane McGarry Gets Virtual Group Hug

Jeff Prince
Former NBC 5 news anchor Jane McGarry is feeling the love today. Yesterday, NBC 5 said McGarry is leaving the station following her May arrest on suspicion of drunken driving. McGarry announced the news on her Facebook page: Hi...

Jane McGarry Off Air But In Hearts

Jeff Prince
NBC5 finally addressed what everybody else was talking about — one of its longtime anchors, Jane McGarry, was arrested on “suspicion of misdemeanor driving while intoxicated” on Sunday morning. She’ll re...

Fort Worth Drunker Than Dallas?

Anthony Mariani
In almost every top this or top that national list that comes out, Dallas always beats Fort Worth. Not this time, though. Insurance.com has just posted its annual list of top cities for DUIs. Fort Worth finished No. 8, up from ...

Boozers To Get Offer They Can’t Refuse

Jeff Prince
Local law enforcement agencies will be insisting on blood tests this weekend after they pull over suspected drunken drivers. As in previous “no-refusal weekends,” police will rely on access to immediate search warra...