JANE MCGARRY MUG SHOT (courtesy of Dallas County Sheriffs Office)
JANE MCGARRY MUG SHOT (courtesy of Dallas County Sheriff's Office)

NBC5 finally addressed what everybody else was talking about — one of its longtime anchors, Jane McGarry, was arrested on “suspicion of misdemeanor driving while intoxicated” on Sunday morning.

She’ll remain off the air while the company investigates.

McGarry was demoted in 2010, relinquishing her prime 10 p.m. newscast duties for the less glamorous 5 p.m. slot. Still she hung on. She obviously enjoys living in North Texas and wanted to stay at Channel 5, where she’s worked since 1982.


This isn’t a great time in the news industry for screwing up — plenty of news organizations are slashing staff, particularly the highly paid worker bees. Then again, McGarry has worked her fingers to the bone for 30 freakin’ years at that station. Isn’t that worth something? Well, OK, she read a teleprompter for 30 minutes a day. Still, that’s worth something.

A state trooper says she changed lanes without using a signal, and then appeared to have bloodshot eyes and a loud voice. That describes every news crew in town.

One thing’s for certain — if you can read a teleprompter without drooling and are telecast in tens of thousands of living rooms every night for decades, people will love you like a family member.

Comments from supportive and sympathetic well-wishers have flooded McGarry’s Facebook fan page.

A few detractors, however, have rained on the love parade: “I am so glad that there are so many people that support drunk drivers,” Mark Perez commented. “People under the influence get such a bad rap. 93.6 percent of drunks drive a lot better and are able to hit a lot more things while drunk.”

Oh, snap!

Perez’s comment has received two likes! OMG! Is a backlash forming? Stay tuned.