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Another Fan Falls Over Railing; Darwin Foiled

Jeff Prince
Shannon Stone’s fall from the stands at the Ballpark in Arlington last week was tragic. A good father trying to catch a ball for his son — tossed to him by a player — who then falls 20 feet to his death in fro...

Who Messed With Texas?

Once again, allow me to get on my high horse and complain about the preponderance of Texas Music at bars in Fort Worth. I’m not a hater. I like a lot of Texas Music. Collin Herring is one of my favorite artists of all time, t...

Phillies Fan Better Off Tazed Than Mad-Dogged

Jeff Prince
That teenager who got tazed by a Philadelphia cop for running on the field at a Phillies baseball game isn’t getting much sympathy. Most online comments I’ve read are along the lines of “the attention-craving ...

Hang Time

As far as sports viewing goes, football is best seen on television. Even if you have great seats at midfield, the action is often 30 yards or more away from you. And if you have seats up in the rafters, it is almost impossible ...