Shannon Stone’s fall from the stands at the Ballpark in Arlington last week was tragic. A good father trying to catch a ball for his son — tossed to him by a player — who then falls 20 feet to his death in front of his son is heart wrenching. The man’s death doesn’t seem fair.

And then there’s this guy.

BL TL FTB (300 x 250 px)

Keith Carmickle must have fallen on his head numerous times over the years already.

It almost looks as if he purposefully falls over the rail in a silly attempt to catch a ball at last night’s Major League Baseball Home Run Derby in Phoenix. Hopefully he was drunk. Otherwise he’s a natural moron.

Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection was trumped by friends who caught Carmickle and hauled him back over the rail before he fell and killed himself or an innocent person below.