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I hope the folks who own Macaluso’s Italian Restaurant (2443 Forest Park Blvd.) have found a young and an old priest to exorcise whatever curse was put on that location. Since Le Chardonnay closed more than a decade ago, itâ€...


Move Over Chow, Baby — Grub Buddy’s Got His Eat On

Grub Buddy
Food expert Chow, Baby reviews local restaurants of the non-chain variety, and knows every aspect of the food industry. Chow, Baby has a keen eye and superior nose and has worked at fine dining establishments as a server, cook,...

The Australian lamb chops with risotto and blueberry chutney are popular at The Wild Mushroom. Lee Chastain

Wild Wild Western

The Western-modern Wild Mushroom is worth the flood of orange cones.
Weatherford’s culinary advances over the past few years now include several white- tablecloth establishments, including the upscale-casual Wild Mushroom Steakhouse and Lounge. The three-year-old restaurant is located off the ...


Eating for You

Chow, Baby is the people’s food critic. Just think of me as your light in dim places, (or sometimes a canary for your culinary coal mine). This week I thought I’d dip into the ol’ mailbag and go where ye send me. As it tu...

Beneath this unassuming marquee is a gateway to some successful Thai fare. Chase Martinez

Thai in Bloom

Though mostly tasty, Thai Orchid is still far from Haltom City supremacy.
The atmosphere inside Thai Orchid in a small Haltom City strip mall is a little rough around the edges. On a recent weekday dinner visit, clear plastic sheets covered the white tablecloths, and each of the multiple wall-mounted...


The Price of Friendship

Fort Worth Weekly
Am I wrong in thinking it’s a little inconsiderate to invite people you barely know to a birthday party at a fancy-in-the-pantsy, high-priced steakhouse? It would be one thing if the hosts were footing the bill, but they were...

Pretty much everything is authentic and scrumptious at Thailicious. Chase Martinez

Now that’s Thailicious

This new Hulen/I-30 eatery has all the authentic goods.
Although the new Thailicious restaurant sits, theoretically, at the southwest corner of Hulen Street and I-30, it’s barely visible from either busy thoroughfare: The eatery is wedged between a bank and a yogurt shop at the ba...



I’ve often fantasized about what it would be like to live in a little European city. I’d wake up from my mid-day nap, hide my bed-head with my beret, pick out my least-wrinkled black-and-white striped shirt, and hit the sho...


Proof of (Culinary) Life

Chow, Baby
Not that long ago, Chow, Baby was a road warrior, constantly jumping in its topless Jeep to see where the road would take me. Age and neurosis have taken their toll, and I’m less inclined to throw caution to the wind these da...

Tang’s Pacific Bistro offers ninja chips, a beef ramen bowl, a California roll, and sesame chicken. Lee Chastain

Pacific Tang

Nothing’s hoity-toity about this small local chain, but everything’s solid.
In any category of ethnic food, places that hew to their original tradition are usually better bets than the Americanized versions of same. But sometimes, ethnic and Americanized can be a good combo — as with Tang’s Pacific...