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Fort Worth School District Wins Appeal Against Whistleblower Joe Palazzolo

Jeff Prince
The legal battle between the Fort Worth school district and former Arlington Heights High School assistant principal Joe Palazzolo is like the Energizer Bunny –– it just keeps going and going and going. And now it’s going...

Kathryn Everest: “It’s very difficult to get suicide as the official manner of death unless a parent gives permission. And with the stigma of suicide, and in some cases religious beliefs of the parent or parents, there are probably a number of deaths by suicide that are ruled as accidental deaths.” Photo by Ryan Burger.

Suicide Prevention 101

Too many Tarrant County kids are taking their own lives say social workers.
Peter Gorman
Teen, preteen, and young adult suicides: It’s a topic that crops up now and then in news cycles but one that should be getting a lot more attention, say several Tarrant County social workers and counselors, because it’s mor...

Joe Palazzolo

How Long in Attorneys’ Years?

Fort Worth Weekly
It seems like 2010 was an eternity ago. A devastating earthquake rocked Haiti. The Hurt Locker won an Oscar. The controversial “don’t ask / don’t tell” law was repealed. And Joe Palazzolo blew the whistle on various wro...


School District President Robbins Responds to Sutherland

Eric Griffey
A school district official denied that bullying and retaliation was a widespread problem in the Fort Worth school district. That same official denied that another trustee wasn’t being allowed to get her issues onto the bo...

Dansby posed with a Good Hands Crew last year. Courtesy Kyev Tatum

Good Hands, Bad News

Kids in a summer work program get caught in the middle.
The Fort Worth school district and the Rev. Kyev Tatum are blaming each other for a gutted summer work program that left 100 teens and young adults shortchanged by a total of about $60,000, with nobody stepping forward to foot ...


Joe Palazzolo Changes Attorney

Eric Griffey
In a press release, Dallas attorney Victoria Neave announced she will replace Jason Smith as Joe Palazzolo’s attorney in his whistle blower case against the Fort Worth School district. The judge in the case approved the s...


School District Bond Package To Be Explained at Town Hall Meetings

Eric Griffey
The Fort Worth School District released a schedule of town hall meetings to discuss the particulars of the $489 million Capital Improvement Program that was unanimously approved by the board of trustees. The series of 16 meetin...

Sutherland Pic

School Board Will Consider Censuring Ann Sutherland

Eric Griffey
At tomorrow’s Fort Worth school board meeting her fellow trustees will consider censuring Ann Sutherland. Sutherland said in an email Monday that she believes the motion may be related to the ongoing saga of Joe Palazzolo...

SChool distrcit

School Board Executive Session Leaked (Update)

Eric Griffey
A recording of the executive session of last Monday’s special school board meeting was leaked…by the school district. An hour-long recording of the school board trustees talking behind closed doors about the settlement agre...


A Win For Joe Palazzolo

Eric Griffey
The Fort Worth school district, whose attorney on Tuesday called former assistant principal Joe Palazzolo a liar and a bully, on Wednesday morning agreed to a settlement that gives the whistleblower pretty much everything he as...