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A Degree in Debt

Attempted reforms haven’t changed all that much in Texas’ for-profit college industry.
Five days a week, Robert Rowlett heads off to work at his $7.75-an-hour job with the City of Dallas’ sanitation division. From his roughly $310 a week in take-home pay, he sets aside whatever he can to pay down the $25,000 st...

FWISD Administrators Put on Administrative Leave in AHHS Investigation

In the Fort Worth schools’ investigation of alleged wrongdoings at Arlington Heights High School that is reported in this week’s paper, “Powder Keg,” the school district has just announced that former Heights pr...

Dallas Tackles Eugene Lockhart

Jeff Prince
The indictment of Eugene Lockhart on a $20 million fraud scheme is a shocker because the former Dallas Cowboys linebacker seemed to be such a stand-up guy. He played during the dismal Danny White decade and retired in 1990 just...