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The Power of Alienation

In Texas, pissing off a grandparent can cost you custody of your kids.
A Burleson mother discovered something in 2006 about Texas law that shocked her, dragged her into a sinkhole of misery, and pushed her family to financial ruin. She found out how easy it is to lose custody of a child even when ...

Whole Lotta Bunny

Jimmy Fowler
Good luck snagging a ticket for the upcoming final weekend of Theatre Arlington’s revival of Mary Chase’s sweet n’ strange 1944 comedy ”Harvey”. It’s a solid, well-timed production that features B.J. Cleveland as El...

Rabbit Redux

What a strange play is Harvey, Mary Chase’s 1944 Pulitzer Prize winner. It’s as dated and syrupy sweet as a fruitcake, yet it also contains punchy comic repartee and an otherworldly charm that’s grown more pot...