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New Math on the School Board

In a stunning victory over well-established incumbents, Tobi Jackson in District 2 and Ann Sutherland in District 6 upset the Fort Worth school board’s apple cart last Saturday and dumped out two of its longest serving member...

Fort Worth ISD Candidates to Duke it Out Thursday

A forum for candidates running in one of the hottest Fort Worth ISD board races in recent memory will be held this Thursday, April 29, at the Wedgewood Baptist Church, Rm 130-B from 6 until 7:30 pm.         The church is...

Upsetting the Apple Cart

Challengers could shake up the Fort Worth school board.
Fort Worth school board members currently up for re-election will tell you that after years of struggle and scandal there are now more things right with this district than wrong. Credit goes to Superintendent Melody Johnson, no...

More Hell to Pay

John Q. Public
To the editor: Thank you for reporting on the payroll audit mess at the Fort Worth school district (“Payroll Hell,” Jan. 20, 2010). It’s not over, unfortunately.