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Fired FWISD Whistleblower Chavez Reinstated

At last night’s Fort Worth school board meeting, Aracely Chavez, the former financial department employee who blew the whistle on the failed Tyler Industries payroll computer program that overpaid 2,000 employees (some lo...

Dis-Connects Finally?

Connects, the million dollar student accountability system owned by Tyler Technologies and leased to the Fort Worth schools that has never worked will finally be scrapped, according to Superintendent Walter Dansby who announced...

Top Local Shows of ’11

To finish off the list-giving so I can go back to doing whatever it is I do, I’ve come to humbly offer you HearSay’s (Very Loosely Ordered) Top Five Local Shows of 2011 (and by “local,” of course, I mean “performed by...

Bad-assery All Around

There are some talented-ass mother-hunchers in this town. I don’t need to enumerate them here –– if you read me often enough, you know their names. And maybe the best part is that if you make the scene often enough, you m...

FWISD in Palazzolo Case Claims Racial Misidentification by Hearing Examiner a “Typo”

  The Fort Worth school district through its attorney, Walsh Anderson, recently filed a petition in the 348th District Court appealing the Commissioner of Education’s order to the board to reinstate former administrator and ...

Gambling With Taxpayers’ Money

 On the advice of its attorneys from the Houston law firm of Walsh Anderson, Fort Worth school trustees on Tuesday night voted 6-2 to appeal in district court the orders of the Commissioner of Education to reinstate former Ar...

Another Win for Palazzolo

            Joe Palazzolo, the embattled whistleblower and former assistant principal at Arlington Heights High School won another round in his appeal to the Commissioner of Education to get his old job back and to o...


Fort Worth schools just lost a lot of ground.
Eddie Griffin
For a while there, things were looking good for education in this country — and even in Fort Worth.

Preliminary TAKS Scores Do Not Bode Well for FWISD

Preliminary TAKS Scores Do Not Bode Well for FWISD by Betty Brink The Fort Worth schools’ preliminary rankings on the 2011 Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills, otherwise known as TAKS, have been released by the Texas Edu...

Walter Dansby – In or Out?

            “I’ve never heard anyone on this board say a negative word – ever — about Walter Dansby,” said Fort Worth schools trustee Carlos Vasquez, “But now that some of us want to hire him to fill ...