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Musical Chairs at City Hall

Two council veterans are fighting their successors to get their old seats back.
Story and photos BY JEFF PRINCE
A couple of elderly women dressed in their Sunday best clutched colorful scarves over their heads and carefully crossed a slick parking lot during last week’s chilly rain. They’d just listened to candidates speak at a polit...


Chance To Say Goodbye To Hicks, Hello To Gray

Jeff Prince
The Fort Worth City Council’s only African-American woman, Kathleen Hicks, will say goodbye and relinquish her seat at Tuesday night’s meeting. In 2005, Hicks became the youngest woman ever elected to the city counc...


Black, Brown, and Seeing Red

The fight for North Texas’ new congressional district has become downright entertaining.
Not since Dallas’ John Wiley Price dubbed Fort Worth the “Aunt Jemima capital of the world” has a politician from the Far East pissed off people in Cowtown so badly. Dallas attorney and politician Domingo Garcia is seekin...

Crucial Pawn Shop Vote Set for Today

There are lots of folks waiting with bated breath to hear how the council votes tonight on the hot-button issue of the day: the lifting of the zoning restrictions passed in 2006 that prohibit 13 pawn shop/payday lenders now op...

Chesapeake Blinking On Carter Avenue Pipeline?

Jeff Prince
Chesapeake Energy has been trying to force East Side residents to allow massive gas pipelines to be buried in their yards on Carter Avenue for about two years now. Needless to say, some residents don’t want potentially da...

Victory for Kathleen Hicks

Chalk up a victory for the neighborhoods and Kathleen Hicks, city council representative from District 8 — and a resounding defeat for the rest of the council. Rita Vinson, representative of the Brentwood-Oak Hills Neighborho...

Crime Control District Board Dissolved by City Council

  Is it a power grab or just good government at work?   On Tuesday, the Fort Worth city council voted unanimously to dissolve the 14-year Crime Control and Prevention District board and replace the appointed members with — ...

Budget Woes Bring Tears

Jeff Prince
Interning journalist Sarah Perry wrote this blog post: Most folks knew budget cutting was going to be brutal in Fort Worth, but when the city council got the proposed financial game plan on Tuesday evening, the realities in it ...