Interning journalist Sarah Perry wrote this blog post:

Most folks knew budget cutting was going to be brutal in Fort Worth, but when the city council got the proposed financial game plan on Tuesday evening, the realities in it were painful for many.

City Manager Dale Fisseler choked up as he presented the steep proposed cuts, which include cutting 200 jobs, closing libraries and pools, reducing arts funding, and leaving a lot more potholes unfilled.

(SMTX)FTW-300x250-NOV17public hearings will be held over the next month, so citizens can weigh in on the proposals. The council is due to adopt the budget Sept 15.


  1. Exactly, and by balancing the budget on the backs of the WORKING POOR through closure of libraries and other programs listed, like halting after school programs, and LATE NIGHT programs at community centers the City will have to do a HUGE GIVE BACK in the form of Police Officer overtime pay because by cutting these programs there is a resulting increase in both felons, and victims in neighborhood’s with all of the other surrounding economic, and societal cost’s because these kids have no place to go, no outlet for their energy. Until, those in charge get smart about which items to place on the chopping block during these down turns, then these people are going to get exactly what they’ve always gotten!

    Maybe we need a Municipal Income tax for those who earn $250,001 GROSS INCOME or more, after all they CAN afford to pay it. What’s the big deal they can’t buy the NEW $350,000 motor-home this year?

    It is time to look at these budget issues from the other end of the economic scope.