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2016 Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards

Fort Worth Weekly
Music Awards For this year’s Music Awards issue, we decided to do something different. Instead of a couple of sentences about each nominee –– all nine million of them –– we thought we’d take the temperature of the s...


Stir Event at The Usual Tomorrow (Aug 20)

Eric Griffey
At 6pm tomorrow at the Usual (1408 W Magnolia Ave) we’re hosting our monthly bartending competition, Stir. Go watch your favorite bartender make drinks as they battle for the title of Stir Champion. The featured ingredien...

Veteran North Texas DJ and local music lover Mark Schectman will host The Local Ticket, a new local music-flavored show on Sportsradio 1310-AM/96.7-FM The Ticket.

Everybody Wants Some

North Texas radio is returning to the medium’s roots. In the most microscopic increments imaginable, but still. Some community involvement is better than none. Or as our publisher likes to say, “A 12-pack is better than no ...

Too Much Classic Rock on KXT?

Anthony Mariani
Listening to KXT the other day, I heard, in order, The Who, Rod Stewart, The Monkees, and then … The Orbans? “OK,” I thought. “KXT is admitting that its donors are mostly Baby Boomers or the children of Boomers and is t...

Watch This: The Burning Hotels on KXT

Anthony Mariani
No doubt because drummer Wyatt Adams would have blown the lid off the place, the madman is absent for The Burning Hotels‘ recent, pared-down performance in KXT studios. The lighter, quieter timbre allows co-frontmen Matt ...

Fort Worth Music in KXT Studios

Anthony Mariani
The newest and brightest addition to North Texas’ terrestrial-radio landscape, KXT/91.7-FM not only plays a lot of Fort Worth music –– Fate Lions, Goodwin, Katsuk, Telegraph Canyon –– but also has invited several ...

KXTeed Up

OK, so everybody’s favorite new radio station, KERA’s KXT/91.7-FM, is playing a lot of good stuff, stuff that can’t be heard anywhere else on the dial except maybe on KTCU/88.7-FM during The Good Show (Saturda...

Fate Lions, Maren Morris in KXT Studios

Anthony Mariani
KXT studios in Dallas will be full of Fort Worth sounds over the next two days. From 3:15 to 4:15 tomorrow (Wednesday) on 91.7-FM, Fate Lions will be performing on-air. The quartet hearkens back to the wow and flutter of The Pl...

KXT Saves?

Since KXT/91.7-FM‘s inaugural broadcast last week, local musos seem to have rediscovered the wonders of the ol’ wireless telegraphy box. “Hey, 2009! The 1940s called. They want their wide-eyed optimism and can...

Peace and Harmony

“Ambition is the last refuge of failure,” according to everyone’s favorite legendary smarty pants Oscar Wilde. “Not so fast, my dead friend!” I say. Ambition also is an agent of change, according t...