Sunshine Emery is one of the upcoming featured artists at the ongoing Texas Hayride Series at The Haltom. Courtesy the artist


Arlington Music Hall

224 N Center, 817-226-4400


THU 7/8: The Malpass Brothers. FRI 7/9: Texas Flood. FRI 7/16: Tanner Sparks with Brad Russell. SAT 7/17: Johnny Rodriguez. FRI 7/23: Johnny Lee with Dallas Wayne. SAT 7/24: Gary Morris. FRI 7/30: Donny Edwards (Elvis Tribute).



Oscar’s Bar & Grill

1581 SW Wilshire, 817-447-7232

FRI 7/2: Unglued (Stone Temple Pilots Tribute) with Lost Boys. SAT 7/3: Primadonna (Madonna Tribute) with We Bop (Cyndi Lauper Tribute). FRI 7/9: San Antonio Lights. SAT 7/10: Go Ask Alice (Alice In Chains Tribute) with Nevermind (Nirvana Tribute). FRI 7/16: Incognito. SAT 7/17: Mid Night Ranger (Night Ranger Tribute) with Mental Health (Quiet Riot Tribute). THU 7/22: Andrew Sevener (Acoustic). FRI 7/23: Chastity with Smokin Steady’s. SAT 7/24: Radio Kaos. FRI 7/30: Fleetwood X (Fleetwood Mac Tribute). SAT 7/31: Little Skynyrd (Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute) with ZZ Tex (ZZ Top Tribute).



Lava Cantina

5805 Grandscape Blvd, 214-618-6893

THU 7/1: Cowboy Mouth. FRI 7/2: Jackopierce. SAT 7/3: Back in Black (AC/DC Tribute) with Hi Fi High. SUN 7/4: Fourth of July Party with DJ Snoopadelic. WED 7/7: Etana (Full Band). FRI 7/9: Kozmic Blues starring Michelle Rohl (Janis Joplin Tribute). SAT 7/10: Emerald City. THU 7/15: Shinybones. FRI 7/16: Def Leggend (Def Leppard Tribute) with Rebel Yell (Billy Idol Tribute). SAT 7/17: Desperado (Eagles Tribute). THU 7/22: Carolyn Wonderland. FRI 7/23: Guns N Roses Experience (Tribute). SAT 7/24: The Spazmatics. FRI 7/30: Primadonna (Madonna Tribute) with Toxic (Brittany Spears Tribute).



Three Links

2704 Elm St, 214-484-6011

THU 7/1: Joshua Dylan Balis, Sarah Johnson, Jud Block. FRI 7/2: The Flametrick Subs, The Schisms, Primo Danger. SAT 7/3: Psycho 78 (Misfits), Blood & Tears (Danzig). SUN 7/4: So-So Topic, The Grays (as Sly & The Family Stone), Chilldren of Indigo. THU 7/8: Mean Motor Scooter, Withered Blooms, The GO-GO Rillas. FRI 7/9: NITE (Album Release). SUN 7/11: Corkscrew Nosedive, Utter Depravity, Death Before Breakfast. THU 7/15: The Buffalo Ruckus, The Late Great Charlie Borski, Ryan Glenn. FRI, 7/16: SEVIT (Album Release) with Rosegarden Funeral Party, Circle Burn, and DJ Death Church. SAT 7/17: DK Nick Memorial Show. THU 7/22: Scott H Biram. FRI 7/23: Hen and The Cocks (Album Release) with Responsible Johnny, Phantomelo, Sloth Fist. SAT 7/24: Back at it…Punk Rock Karaoke. THU 7/29: Ottoman Turks, Convoy and the Cattlemen, Joshua Fleming. FRI 7/30: Jackie Venson, Jess Garland.


Trees Dallas

2709 Elm St, 214-741-1122

SUN 7/4: All Kanye Everything. FRI 7/9: J Stone. SAT 7/10: Crobot. THU 7/22: Jake “The Snake” Roberts. SUN 7/25: Devotional (Depeche Mode Tribute). FRI 7/30: Yngwie Malmsteen.



Lola’s Trailerpark

2735 W 5th St, 817-759-9100

THURSDAYS: Blues Jam with Playtown & Guest. FRI 7/9: Big Mike’s Box of Rocks with Katsuk & Pablo & Hemphill. SAT 7/10: Dana Deathridge with Kendi Jean (During Daynes BBQ). SAT 7/17: Tommy Luke & Gary Grammer (During Dayne’s BBQ), then Jason Elmore & HooDoo Witch (PM). FRI 7/23: KatsuK Band with Pablo & The Hemphill 7. SAT 7/24: Ryan Hager (During Daynes BBQ), then Greenbeard (PM). SAT 7/31: The Mammal Virus (EP Release Party).


Main at Southside

1002 S Main St, 682-707-7774

FRI 7/2: Pablo & The Hemphill 7, Neptune Locals, Sirron Reid. WED 7/7: Fishing In Japan, Ego Jones. THU 7/8: Ryan & Denver. SUN 7/11: Josh Johnson & Bad Bitch Bingo. THU 7/29: The Love Starved Dogs. FRI 7/30: Glare, Trauma Ray, Downward, Grivo. SAT 7/31: Hen and The Cocks (Album Release) with The Dangits and B.U.B.


The Post at River East

2925 Race St, 817-945-8890

THURSDAYS: Jacob Furrsdays. FRI 7/2: Brother & The Hayes (Live Lunch), The Last Knife Fighter (PM). TUE 7/6: The Jet Noise, The Red Admirals. THU 7/8: Jacki Minton & Delaney Ramsdell. FRI 7/9: Van Darien (Live Lunch), Late To The Station (PM). SAT 7/10: Suzy & The Sissies. THU 7/15: Possessed By Paul James. FRI 7/16: Jacki Darlene (Live Lunch), Shake Russell (PM). SUN 7/18: The Accidentals (Daytime Show). WED 7/21: Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers. FRI 7/23: Hayden Miller & Nolan Ryan Robertson. SUN 7/25: Danni & Kris. TUE 7/27: Jenna Clark Band, Charlie J Memphis. FRI 7/30: Squeezebox Duo (Live Lunch), Legacy 4 (PM). SAT 7/31: Melon Ball (Daytime Show), Pour Brothers (PM).


Rail Club Live

3101 Joyce Dr, 817-386-4309

FRI 7/2: Spice. SAT 7/3: Epic ShXt Only Presents: Independent’s Day. FRI 7/9: Nyro the MadMan. SUN 7/11: Return Of The BoomBap Tour. MON 7/12: King 810. FRI 7/16: Puddle Of Mudd. SAT 7/17: DFW Domination Fest. WED 7/21: Faster Pussycat with Enuff Z Enuff. THU 7/22: Comedy Night with Average Joey. FRI 7/23: Wildstreet. SAT 7/24: Eric Martin with Trixter. SUN 7/25: Anti-Mortem wiwht Scattered Hamlet. FRI 7/30: Tantric. SAT 7/31: K Camp.


The Ridglea

6025 Camp Bowie Blvd, 817-738-9500

FRI 7/2: Cedars & Velvet Skyline (room); Where’s Harry (theater). SAT 7/3: Sushi Greenberg a Tribute to Phish and Strange Brew (theater). FRI 7/9: LostBoyz, Ranch Papi, Lyrical and Guests (room); Sydney Cope, LostBoyz, Ranch Papi, Lyrical and Guests (theater); Danno Simpson (lounge). SAT 7/10: Bastards of Soul (theater). FRI 7/16: Mojo Brothers (theater); Celestial L’amour, Xavier ll, Carson Aday (room). SAT 7/17: The Loved Starved Dogs (room). SAT 7/24: Brothers Beckham (room). FRI 7/30: Sounds Like Summer ’21 (room); The Reagan Firestorm (lounge). SAT 7/31: Quentin Moore and The DaxTones (theater); Ghosthookers, CashingIN, Down! Not Out, TongueNcheek, and The Nothing (room).


Scat Jazz Lounge

111 W 4th St, 817-870-9100

THU 7/1: Jaelun Washington Trio. FRI 7/2: A Taste of Herb. SAT 7/3: Brad Williams Quartet. THU 7/8: The Black Dog Band. FRI 7/9: Quamon Fowler. SAT 7/10: Todd Parsnow. THU 7/15: Ginny Mac. FRI 7/16: Alex Blair. SAT 7/17: Marion Powers Quartet. THU 7/22: Jonathan Fisher Trio. FRI 7/23: Ricki Derek & The Vegas Six. THU 7/29: John Adams Electric Trio. FRI 7/30: Red Young. SAT 7/31: Shelley Carrol.


Tulips FTW

112 St Louis Av, 817-367-9798


THU 7/1: Ansley Dougherty, Matt Mabe, Hayden Miller. FRI 7/2: Grady Spencer & The Work. SAT 7/3: The Odors. MON 7/5: Go-Go Rillas & PF63. SAT 7/10: Lost at Sea, Psychic Love Child, No Place Like Home. WED 7/14: Lofi Beats To Study To. FRI 7/16: Mike and the Moonpies. SAT 7/17: Bob Schneider. SUN 7/18: Kalu & The Electric Joint, Sam Morrow, Trymore MOJO. WED 7/21: Damien Jurado. FRI 7/23: KXT presents Matthew McNeal, Joseph M, Yeah Huh. SAT 7/24: Vandoliers. FRI 7/30: Tulips FTW Grand Opening with The Band Of Heathens. SAT 7/31: Shaun Martin Three-O, Mark Lettieri Group, Retrophonics. 


The Warehouse

1125 E Berry St, 817-923-9305

SAT 7/17: The Toni Braxton & Friends Jazz Series featuring Cindy Bradley.



The Haltom Theater

5601 E Belknap St, 817-677-8243

THU 7/1: No Hand Outs Live. FRI 7/2: Astyanax (Album Release). SAT 7/3: Cryptic Wisdom X Jay Influential. SUN 7/4: Summer Bash. WED 7/7: Sunshine Emery. FRI 7/9: Perseus, Nothing for You, Last of the Sane, Crushpoint, Paralyzed Torture, Crocodylinae. SAT 7/10: TXDM FEST XII: Prophecy. SUN 7/11: Vibeshow 2k21 featuring E Smith. WED 7/14: Summertime Nightmare Tour with Pigweed and Transient. THU 7/15: Gifted Summer Jam. FRI 7/16: I am Destruction, Empty Shell, Cathexis, Coprolalia, Transcendent Reticulum. SAT 7/17: System 6, Maleficus, Eva Kora, Little Green Men, Midnight Murder Show. SUN 7/18: Tops Off! Variety! Shh Oh! WED 7/21: Dylan Hoffman. FRI 7/23: Asylum (Album Release). SAT 7/24: Wrecking Ball Metal Madness Live. SUN 7/25: End Of Summer Bash. SAT 7/31: Hot Summer Love, Love Sick Drug, Fly Above Fire, Waja, Dark Avenue.



Fat Daddy’s

781 W Debbie Ln, 817-453-0188

THU 7/1: Rebel Yell (Billy Idol Tribute). FRI, 7/2: That 70’s Band. SAT 7/3: 80’s Night with M80s. THU, 7/8: Texas Flood. FRI 7/9: Live 80s The Ultimate 80’s Experience. SAT 7/10: Double Vision (Foreigner Tribute) with The Blackbird Mafia. THU 7/15: In Halen (Van Halen Tribute). FRI 7/16: Ashmore. SAT 7/17: Incognito. THU 7/22: Local Yoakam.. FRI 7/23: Ever the Essence with Cole Rogers. SAT 7/24: Rockaholics. THU 7/29: Crushin” It (Brad Paisley Tribute). FRI 7/30: Le Freak. SAT 7/31: Blake Nation with Gunpowder & Lead.



Local Radio Shows

THU: The Local Show with Amy Miller, 7-8pm on KXT (91.7). SUN: The Paul Slavens Show, 8pm on KXT (91.7). SUN: Reckless Rock Radio, 10-12mid on KNON (89.3 FM). SUN: Loud & Local with Debbie Sexton, 11pm-12mid on KEGL (97.1 FM).


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