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After playing a sanctioned showcase, Fort Worth’s War Party is ready to, um, party at South By Southwest. Steve Steward

South By Recap

The lines were long and sad but the music copious at the annual Austin fest.
Here’s the thing: I kinda suck at South By Southwest. I get to Austin late. I get defeated by lines. I drink too much, or I don’t drink enough. I worry about who I’m going to impose on for a place to crash, or I get stuck...

Lady Gaga: “Bored This Way?”

Jimmy Fowler
  At what point does a newly minted music icon turn from simply catering to her audience to shamelessly, recklessly pandering to them? We may find out with the recent web release of Lady Gaga’s new single “Born This Way....

Musical Haves, Have-Nots Reflect Society

Jeff Prince
The separation of rich and poor keeps growing wider in the United States. Economically, the “haves” are getting richer and smaller in number, while the “have-nots” are growing poorer and larger in number...

Gaga Rules, Madonna Drools

Jimmy Fowler
Conventional wisdom says that all gay men (of a certain age) love Madonna. But to us queer contrarians, Madge has offered many years of addictive fun snickering at her flimsy image changes, atrocious dance skills, and reedy, st...

The Who Blew At Super Bowl

Jeff Prince
This year’s Super Bowl halftime show should let the event’s producers know loud and clear (and very off-pitch) that it’s time to retire the geriatric rockers. I was at The Cellar on West Berry Street during the game l...

Forget The Nipple, Join 21st Century

Jeff Prince
If not for the mammary gland seen ‘round the world, we wouldn’t be enduring tired old acts such as The Who during the Super Bowl telecast. Ever since Justin Timberlake got grabby with Janet Jackson, prompting a “wardrobe ...

GaGa Over Lambert

Jimmy Fowler
How was your long holiday weekend? Hope you had something to be grateful for — many great writers and thinkers believe gratitude is the key to happiness, or at least contentment. I had a nice, low-key Thanksgiving meal wi...