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Roy Williams Lives Up To (Our) Expectations

Jeff Prince
You knew it was over when even Jerry Jones gave up the ghost. The Dallas Cowboys owner invested millions of dollars and his own sullied reputation as a general manager when he traded the farm to get wide receiver Roy Williams, ...

Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs San Diego Chargers

Jeff Prince
Separated at birth: Also separated at birth: Ryan’s blitz-happy defense and… A team from sunny San Diego that wears ugly uniforms with cartoon lightning bolts on the shoulders thundered into Dallas and shocked the C...

Marion The Barbarian Lives Up To Both Nicknames

Jeff Prince
Dallas Cowboys running back Marion “The Barbarian” Barber continues his slow and painful fall from grace. Last month, I blogged that Barber was a shell of his former self as a player, a growing pain in the ass in th...

Dallas Cowboys Should Follow This Winning Formula

Jeff Prince
Okay, Jerry Jones, I’m tired of your constant phone calls and emails begging me for advice on how to manage your underachieving football team. So here it is, my formula for a winning season next year. No. 1 – Get ri...