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What's a Tim Burton movie without an attic? Young Victor Frankenstein curls up with a resuscitated Sparky in "Frankenweenie."

Frankenweenie: Ghost Dog

Tim Burton gives himself a jolt with this animated film.
Expanded from the same 1984 short film that got Tim Burton fired as a Disney animator, Frankenweenie (which Burton has made under Disney’s auspices, ironically enough) comes on the heels of the terrific ParaNorman and the sur...

Merida encounters a will-o’-the-wisp that leads her to her fate in Brave.

Brave: Scotch Job

Pixar stumbles into mediocrity with this Highlands fable.
Well, everything comes to an end. Brave is Pixar’s 13th animated feature film in 17 years, and it marks the first time I walked out of a Pixar movie feeling disappointed. Many people felt that way about last year’s Cars 2. ...

Kara Hayward and Jared Gilman find their way through the wilderness to Moonrise Kingdom.

Moonrise Kingdom: Sam ♥ Suzy

I ♥ Wes Anderson’s dreamy romantic adventure for kids.
All of Wes Anderson’s movies are children’s movies. That’s what I realized while watching his Moonrise Kingdom, a spellbinding piece of work that opens in Fort Worth this week. You’d think his 2009 animated film, Fantas...

Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans battle for Earth on New York’s streets in The Avengers.

Avengers: Hammer and SHIELD

A team of superheroes turns this blockbuster into a fantastic force.
Joss Whedon looks poised to become the king of American pop culture, and I don’t mind it one bit. Having already established himself as a high-powered scriptwriter, a comic-book author, and one of the great TV show creators o...


Five Years Too Long?

Another Apatow rom-com isn’t great but scores some laughs.
A few years ago, the films associated with Judd Apatow –– a handful he wrote and directed himself and several others he produced –– began to catch on like wildfire, and media types seemed eager to explain the Apatow rev...