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Alex Atchley Gets Busy

Anthony Mariani
Progressive, mainly electronic Fort Worth singer-songwriter Alex Atchley, the mastermind behind Naxat (read about the project here), the video-game-obsessed novelty-esque pop-punk band The Hack and Slashers, and the straight-ah...

Moon Patrol

As Naxat, Fort Worth's Alex Atchley is out there.
A musically incisive nerd-punk who makes instrumental music inspired by video game soundtracks? That’s Alex Atchley, a 24-year-old Fort Worthian singer-songwriter who now performs as Naxat, the name of one of his previous...

‘Tis the Season For Thievin’

Chances are if you’re reading this column, you at least appreciate local music and musicians (and maybe artists in general). You probably won’t mind then if I put out a call for the safe return of a guitar recently ...