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Sports Rush: Of Tex and Texas

Rush Olson
The Yankees announced this week that the last reason a Rangers fan might reasonably have to cheer for them to win a ballgame will go away at the end of the season. Or at least that’s the way it is for me. I supposed, technica...

Cliff Lee Hurls Spitball In Texas’ Face

Jeff Prince
Gosh, we thought you liked us. We thought you’d bonded with us. After all we’d been through, we thought we had something special. Nope. “Hey, babe, it was fun — see ya around sometime,” pitcher Cli...

Rangers Deserve To Be Slapped

Jeff Prince
That’s right, the Rangers deserve to be slapped on the back for a job well done. Great season guys. The team played exciting baseball, fought their way farther into the playoffs than ever, and didn’t collapse until ...