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The Not Gay Actor (or, WTF, Ramin Setoodeh?)

Kristian Lin
Ramin Setoodeh’s recent culture piece in Newsweek last week has set off quite the conflagration in the gay blogosphere, with repercussions for those of us who care deeply about theater, movies, and TV. Let’s start from the ...

Pondering A Short But Sweet Afterlife

Jeff Prince
This might be a ponderous subject for Blotch, but I’m fascinated with the new issue of Newsweek. Do we go to heaven? Is there a heaven? Are we in our bodies when we get there? Can we sleep on clouds as late as we want? Play i...

“Did You Hear That Lonesome Whippoorwill…”

Jimmy Fowler
Here’s an interesting “Newsweek” piece on loneliness in the age of online social networking. To see how the definition of “socializing” has changed over the last couple of decades, I need only look to my niece and nep...