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Live Oak, Lee Bains III, and Professionalism

If you pay attention to local music, you probably already have heard what happened at The Live Oak Music Hall & Lounge on Wednesday night. If not, the venue’s lead sound engineer Cal Trujillo and owner Bill Smith cut the ...

Rocking Their World

Jeana Cole’s mother-in-law thought an earthquake had struck their family home in south Arlington on Monday. Wrong — the window-rattling tremors and noise were from the heavy-equipment crews building a natural gas pipeline i...

Wasted Words Aren’t

Though purely anarchic, an 817 art collective has unifying qualities.
They walk among us, inconspicuous, hooked on the sickest fix in town. Jason Aldy, an overly polite 28-year-old, works at a health food store, relaxes to Bastard Noise, and performs as Unprotected Sex. Soft-spoken Mickey Spaldin...


Last Call
Here’s the thing: I applaud anyone who opens a business right now, especially if the business is in booze. Economists look at the construction industry as a means of gauging the health and well-being of the nation’s...

Drilling Through Peace and Property

Neighbors and activists fear gas wells are digging big holes in Fort Worth’s future.
Gayle Reaves
Carl Fors wanted out. The noise and vibration from the gas well behind his house were enough to make the plates in his cupboard bounce.