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Paying the Piper

Static is no stranger to large bar tabs. But the Fort Worth Police and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission should really think about the one they’ve run up. In this case, they should stop hanging out at gay bars — it’s co...

Camp Town

We can’t help it, apparently – newsies can’t start a new year without pausing to analyze the old one, picking over its bones for trends and top-10 lists and anything else that can be turned into copy in the us...

Gay Raid

Anthony Mariani
A couple of week’s ago, some members of Fort Worth’s GLBT community began “raiding” straight bars, no doubt in response to the now-infamous Rainbow Lounge raid. But instead of busting some heads, the gay raiders have ju...

Police Report on Rainbow Lounge

Fort Worth police have just released some reports relating to the raid at the Rainbow Lounge raid on the night of June 27-28. Their version differs markedly from the accounts of numerous bar patrons interviewed by Fort Worth We...