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Sports Rush

Sports Rush: Rugby in Round Rock

Rush Olson
Our sports reporter went to Dell Diamond stadium in Round Rock to check out some rugby.      

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Missing the Rugby World Cup? It’s A Crime

Rush Olson
Note to local miscreants: If you had plans to rob a house, you missed your chance Sunday. You should have been in Ireland. You had no idea, did you? We can guess you didn’t because most of the United States likely doesn...

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Harlequins : Onside with Rugby in the U.S.

Rush Olson


World Cup Update (The Siegreichen Deutschland Edition)

Kristian Lin
After an epic destruction of Brazil in the semis and a hard-fought win over Argentina in the finals, Germany are now the world champions of soccer. It’s been a 24 year wait for them, proof that the World Cup is a huge mountai...

Try and Fail

Nelson Mandela reportedly said that if an actor ever were to portray him on screen, he’d want it to be Morgan Freeman. Well, with the release of Invictus this week, he now has his wish. I don’t have mine, though. I ...

Athletes of Alt

In downtown Fort Worth on a Friday night, diners and clubgoers and Bass Hall patrons are likely to see some rather odd athletes bouncing around. What makes them odd is that they are bouncing around on one wheel.